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  • Bob Saget

    Ohio State is fundamentally an amazing team, with even better coaching. Nothing is preventing them from repeating, not even TCU

  • RB Brown

    Anyone who questions Elliott's speed, just needs to ask the Oregon and Alabama defenders how they liked the view of the back of Elliott's jersey when he broke a run for a big gain.

  • Jay Freeman

    As a big Oregon Duck fan i cant say i was too mad about this loss. Ohio state had championship depth and gave Oregon their toughest game of the season by far. Yeah there were some dropped balls by the Ducks and they probably could have played better than they did but the bottom line is that Ohio State was the better team in that point in time. Respect to Ohio state. Go ducks!

  • Jesse Cortez

    I'm proud of my Buckeyes!!! What a hell of a year going from not even being the conversation to dominating in the first CFP and bringing home the trophy. I'm hoping Urban and the boys can do it again, they certainly can. Stay humble Buckeyes ! Stay humble buckeye nation ! O-H !!!

  • CIA Hammer

    But… but… what about Oregon's tempo, wasn't that supposed to be the downfall of OSU? Sorry guys, our preparation is the best in college football.

  • Steve Kelly

    4-star player school (Ohio St.) vs 2 & 3-star player school (Oregon). You have to hand it to Oregon for consistently over-achieving year after year. And congrats to OSU for the title.

  • Michael Clark

    143 total points plus the B1G and National Championship in 3 games they were predicted to lose,simply amazing.

    2015 is going to be even better, GO BUCKS!


  • tornadomanatwork

    glad the bucks didn't have 4 turnovers againest alabama ,,problem is oregon just is phsical enough againest the better teams,