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  • Lynn Turman

    This was the much anticipated movie that Robert Redford and Paul Newman were going to make. They had made two very successful movies together earlier in their careers (BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID and THE STING). These movies were so successful that they could never find a third movie to star in (even though public demand for it was high). They could never find something that they felt lived up to the same standard as the first two. Until A WALK IN THE WOODS came along. They were planning on doing it when Newman got cancer (and which eventually he passed away from) and so they had to put the breaks on it.

  • David Mustoe

    Wel I'm 58 and really like this stuff now. (age telling I guess) .. character study driven stories. Not to mention Robert Redfords my favorite. Was a junior in high school when Jeremiah Johnson came out . (still my favorite) Robert Redford and Nick Nolte . Interesting. Times right.

  • J Bizzle

    I really could have pictured Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Katz, but sadly he is no longer with us. I've read this book many times over and love Bryson's wit and humor. This should be quite the enjoyable film!

  • G Wubllu

    According to a lot of thru hikers that year, they never met this Katz, and a lot of things in the book most likely did not even happen according to these hikers,,, Heresay of course, but the way they made it sound,,, 90% of the book probably didn't happen.

  • dodadagohuhsgi

    I helped build the Benton MacKaye Trail, a companion to theAppalachian Trail. Both trails begin at Springer Mountain, Georgia. During the 1980's and early 1990's I did such things as lead the work party that finished the BMT in Georgia and guide ina National Geographic photographerto take pictures for the book "Pathways to Adventure." George Owens, Darcy Douglas. Marty Dominey are names which will live in my memory forever. It was the experience of a lifetime.–Tom Reilly

  • T.J. White

    While I'm glad to finally see one of my favorite books become a movie, I know I'm not alone in thinking Robert Redford is just too damn old to be starring in this. The real Bill Bryson was in his 40's when the events of the book happened and Redford is 78! I know he bought the rights to it, was hoping to make it with Paul Newman, etc. but at this stage, it would've been better if he just directed it. Well, at least Nick Nolte will probably make a terrific Katz.

  • dougsk1

    Looks funny and photogenic, but does Emma Thompson have to raise her eyebrows in such an exaggerated manner so many times? It ruins the trailer, and suspect it will ruin the movie. These are professionals, they should catch this. Mr Redford, do some digital correction before release. Loved the book, was on the AT yesterday at age 67, and can't wait to see the movie. I suspect it will be not all it could be due to Ms Thompson.

  • Overlord Entertainment

    Its two old people walking in the woods…one of which is the greatest actor whos ever lived and the other is a former professional wrestler….