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  • SevnLi

    This is probably the most real and personal interview I've seen from Adele. Cudos to Shad for bringing this out in her and allowing us to see this candid side

  • SevnLi

    I have to admit, I don't buy albums, but I braved the cold outside my nearest Target for half an hour so I could be one of the first to grab my copy of '25' on its release day. Don't regret it one bit as its my fav album of 2015!!

  • aarongluzman


    A floral, spring scent with resilient tones
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    What is so clear, simple, yet foolish
    naughty , cute

    Sunny and provocative
    her natural beauty

    capturing the beauty of light
    It’s so sweet…tender
    totally romantic

    What an inspiration
    she is all charm, romantic, vulnerable, nearly innocent

    a new mood


    femininity and sensibility

    A tension between sensuality and energy
    It’s her special way of being
    sensuous…yet very tender

    Her own expression, signature
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    A…fiercely motivated, driven, independent woman



  • Hatiah Begum

    A rarely great interview. Interviewer had some insightful questions. Adele responded as honestly as she could. Her grounded nature still gets to me.

  • Andrey Mitin

    This made me tear up, how she talked about looking back on experiences and how they pale over time. I'm fighting addiction. It left my first relationships in ruins. I had a human connection last night but I've been destroying it from the start, and I now don't have it anymore. But it's so comforting to hear Adele so candidly say that everyone can just find something else. We shouldn't waste time putting some parts of life up on the pedestal while losing our minds in hatred of some others. Because it's just life.

  • yozabeth16

    What an amazing interview! He asked really thoughtful & original questions. And Adele was so humble and honest! I really enjoyed watching this!

  • stormbringerr mourn

    well done interview. the best hosts let the guest do most of the talking as was done here…..love to you Adele.