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  • EminemLovesGrapes

    From this comment section it seems more africans are racist compared to the ones they call racist. Everyone racist! What news /s

  • Mog

    That guy Ray seems like a hell of a resourceful type of guy to have along for this kind of work. Like others, I noticed how he adopted an accent when talking to some Africans. It's kind of funny, but I understand it. I've worked with Punjabi Indians, South Africans, and other folks who have a very distinctive way of coloring their english…and without even realizing it when you are in the midst of another culture you kind of adopt their accent while communicating with them. It's not exactly necessary to do this to be understood or anything, it's just something you do without consciously thinking about it.

  • H Owen

    i spent three years driving all over Africa and this short film nailed it. Albeit, the tip of the iceburg. respect to you guys.


    Hey VICE why dont you show the positive industrious,& technological growingparts of Africa, like Lagos Nigeria, Nairobi Kenya, Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso,Ebene' Mauritius, to name a few, better yet show the impoverished white Dutch in South Africa, that now live like the oppressed native south Africans in dilapidated shacks, I mean if your gonna report, report it all.

  • ernst de waal

    as a south african i can vouch for these guys, you thought car salesmen in your country is bad,come to south africa, these guys are dodgy cunts,trying to make a buck everywhere they can…just like a doctor

  • Xavier Max Etienne

    Watching it was great fun… Fun to see how a few rednecks coming from the US getting ripped off all the way from SA to South Soudan… TIA?!?! So, as you say so well TIA, you're such morons having to pay 3'000'000/= TZS in Tuduma to pass the Tanzanian border, a few lakhs here and there, getting these guys to give you there contacts at TRA check points in Mbeya, Iringa, Morogoro, Dar, Arusha and Nyamanga, whilst on the road paying a few kifarus or a msimbazis to the traffic police would have you got a long way, instead of wasting days and days at borders… Ian Cox is an idiot, if he would know what Africa and how to deal in Africa with administration officials is he would't need to get guys coming from the US to do the job, there are excellent mechanic drivers who know to navigate with cops and borders officials… Wanker!!!