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  • smexyvigoro

    That really sucks. It works fine for ps4, but I had no idea pc users we're having such a hard time. Sorry.

  • suckmysilencer747

    I preordered this game. And its the first preorder in 3 years.

    And today is my birthday. Bday= ruined

  • Frederic La Roche

    I don't get it.. If the PC version clearly wasn't ready for release (the external dev team had only 2 weeks to port the game according to The Know), then why didn't they just delay that version? Ubisoft does it now for Assassin's Creed, Kojima Productions is doing it for MGS V. I just don't get it.. With Steam also now offering refunds it's just stupid to release a broken game from the get go and expect people to wait for some patches, because now they actually have to possibility to ask for their money back.
    I mean if I pay 50 bucks for I game I EXPECT IT TO WORK. After all I PAYED 50 bucks for it.

  • TherpThad

    Lol so much for the "PC master race" Get a console instead where you can fully enjoy the Batman: Arkham Knight game!

  • S0l1d5SNAK3

    Don't misinterpret your titles fix it if it's only for pc then the game isn't broken….jeez just for attention on a video

  • Smartfunnyandlazy

    PC Master Race …. lol
    Had a conversation with a friend that is pc m.r. and the discussion was about exclusivity and console only games/franchises. When 80% of console games don't get a pc release why would I want to build a 2000$ gaming rig when all im getting is 8-bit and 16-bit indie games? He waited for the pc release of gta5, which by the time he got to play it I had already beaten it on 360, ps3, and ps4. I would love to mod skyrim, and other games, but not so much I'm in a hurry to build my next rig right now.

  • Doe Diggity

    Most of the people screaming that pc master race bullshit are playing on low level bullshit rigs anyway and can't afford to upgrade your graphic cards everytime one comes out! If you're not rocking a gtx980ti or titan x! Shut the fuck up saying that shit! ….it's like saying "hahaha I got a Mercedes Benz. ….yeah bitch but it's a 2001 benz and the 2016s that drives itself are out! Smh!

  • JeyVGaming

    Here comes the peasants saying "PC MASTER RACE MY ASS" or "PC is shit" dudes stfu & think! the PC is alot powerful than ur consoles and its not systems fault.. its the fking devs! blame them for bringing us a shitty "port"

    So dont blame the system.. Blame the devs!!

  • Alex Kwan

    I like how pc owners are so quick to defend themselves from "console peasants". I mean, if no one's saying anything, you're just showing insecurity.

  • marcnom

    if i hear you guys say download the stupid app one more time in going to break this damn channel. I know u have to promote your shit but damn if you want me to download it so much make a windows phone app. Stop being lazy. Every where else in life they acknowledge the top 3 in a field. So why only two apps? Why only apps to gold and silver place what happened to bronze. Rant / rage over