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  • kidnick101

    This has to be a fucking joke. If Americans honestly thinking half of the things he's spewing out of his mouth will work- we're fucked. I've never. Ever. Said that about a political figure. But this man is far to dangerous for political power.

  • sanzyi7

    If George W Bush can become president then I have little faith that the American people won't vote for this nutcase either.

  • ZayIvory7

    "If you're an African American youth right now you're in worst shape then you practically ever were in the history of this country."

    Lmao, So fuck 200+ years of Slavery and the Civil Rights Movements..

  • SaggyTeat

    This dude talks so much populist garbage, he says things that sound nice but don't actually mean anything or reflect reality at all.

  • Michael Brown

    I don't agree with this guy very much but one thing I must agree on is maybe we don't need another politician for president..

  • ASA1689

    Americans simply believe they are best in the world and solution to all problems is with guns. as fast as they face a problem they just want to shoot and bomb their way to solutions,,, U.S government have this bully and thug mentality,,, we are the best and we shoot and kill until all problems are solved,,, i don't know how many decades they need to finally realize they have been in wrong path since ww2…. you cant bomb your problems because they don't disappear with guns and bombs,, get this in ur thick skulls

  • Christopher Elstob

    Go in and take their oil????

    I may be wrong but he's pretty much admitted to a war crime right there. Stealing oil is not protecting your interests from terrorists its stealing another nations property.