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  • Omario Samulz

    de gae didn't have to make any save today that tells how our defense was good today but that's 3 points thrown away tho

  • HaZe

    I'm not one of these people jumping on the bandwagon attacking Rooney but there is not enough creativity upfront and he needs a reality check and needs to be put on the bench. Kompany and Otamendi had a field day today because every time Rooney received the ball he had his back to goal and stopped any play or creativity from happening…Martial would've been great at No.9 today and would of been a nightmare for Kompany and Otamendi especially seeing as Kompany was on a yellow. I would like to see Martial up top with Depay or Lingard on the left, our defence has been solid apart from the Arsenal game and so have our midfield we just need the balance and move the ball quicker in the final third and with Martial we have that. A lineup I would like to see is:

    De Gea

    Darmian/Valencia Jones Smalling Rojo

    Schneiderlin Schweinsteiger

    Mata/Lingard Herrera/Rooney Depay/Young/Lingard


  • RYL93M

    Team for Middlesborough…
    DDG GK
    Darmian RB
    Jones CB
    Blind CB
    Rojo LB
    Carrick CDM
    Felli CDM
    Pereira CAM
    Lingard RW
    Martial LW
    Wilson CF

  • The Unknown

    martial replaces rooney for number 9, herrera in number 10 memphis replacing martial on the wing mata with his usual place. schweiny and schniedy in the middle of the park. Darmian smalling rojo and blind

  • Bo Culley

    I totally agree with Carrick coming on. I was begging for it or Blind…someone who can just play a pass and go for it.

  • karatechop123

    totally agree with webby here. he's picked out exactly where united are going wrong. i agree we should play lindgard, memphis and martial in the middle

  • Markx

    Arsenal fan here. Please everyone before we get to fighting with Man City fans let us all take a moment……to laugh at Chelsea BHWHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • MrVIP1993

    And why didn't Blind play? When games are tight, he is the sort of player that can play a defence-splitting pass just like that or come up with a moment of brilliance. He did that against Sunderland and Liverpool when we were so dire. People don't appreciate Blind enough, til this day, he is our best signing under LVG.

  • ar fagih

    I want wilson upfront pace and passion!! I just think rooney has lost his passion and he isnt half the player he is with no passion

  • dcvbhtrdf

    As much as people say very little happened in the game, you could still see ManUtd were by far the better team and deserved the win. Smalling came close twice, the header which beat Hart but went just wide, his shot at the end which was well saved by Hart, Mata almost scored but Hart got to him just in time, good volley from Lingard which hit the bar with Hart beaten (very good pass from Martial) and also ManUtd should've had a penalty when Sterling fouled Herrera.
    5 incidents there where ManUtd almost scored and ManCity didn't even have 1 moment which was as close as any of these.

    Although the worst case scenario before kick-off would be losing and going 5 points behind, ManCity will be secretly celebrating that draw as if they won because they should be behind ManUtd in the table now.

  • Sabbir Ahmed

    Such hypocrites, how can man utd fans forget how they parked the bus in the emirates against arsenal and won 2-1 because of their bus