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  • Rick James

    This fucking story should run 24/7 on every tv station in every country until the sheeple open their eyes and realise that this shit is threatening not only those guys but the entire fucking human species.

  • MrWhataboss23

    And Republicans still don't believe that global warming and climate change exists…smh…Fuck the Republicans, Fuck Bill O'Reilly, Fuck Sarah Palin, and Fuck all those corrupt, political cunts up in Washington that we all know are payed by companies like BP, Shell and Exxon to say that say there is no such thing, even though the rest of the world, especially all the scientists in this particular field agree that if we don't change what we are doing soon we are fucked, and many scientists still believe that we fucked up too much already and that what we've done already can't be fixed and that we are done.

  • Wullop Khin

    May peace, wealth, health & prosperity come to Dominican Republic. May Dominican Republic & our world be relived from suffering like this.

  • edwin nelson

    if you mr. bartolone are deluded enough to think we aren't a major and decisively detrimental factor in the equation of whats happening to the environment and all that cohabitate this planet then you either have a vested interest in the downplaying of it or you have listened to and believed those who do I can say with 100% positively sure experience and 30+ yrs of work in the production /drilling field of oil production and extraction by pressure injection fracturing and you don't even begin to know the overall implications and consequences of which we are n will see due directly to it and the burning of fluids extractedas to air and water animals climate tectonics and magnetic /polar differentials watch a sunset at its end and you will see how bad we are wobbling now then get a flashlight go out in the woods n look around guess what you wont see eyes buddy no eyes NONE so when ever you get throughfeeling so superior and intelligent climb on off that horse and slay it cuz its probably only meat source youll have to eat besides each other and sooner than you ever ever EVER thought it will happen and WE DID AND ARE DOING IT FOR SURE ABSOLUTE and naivety isn't a factor of which I am suffering but you sir might need to research more listen better and gain a more informed opinion before you post up that at best misinformedbabble you should learn to moo like all the other cows set for slaughter by their own doing and thinking our best minds have taken us to the worst ends and everyone thinks someone will fix it thus no one is trying good luck with that we are done already just a matter of when not if it all goes cataclysmic at a global level and in 72 hours time we will be erased from its face like the parasites we've becomesad but true its me n you and all the crew dust in the wind for all our sin lord help us

  • PootStip

    I completely believe that climate change is in effect, but has anyone considered that this could be the result of the massive deforestation of Haiti and the resulting change of runoff flows from the mountains that comprise the border that drain into this lake? The deforestation extends into the DR as well. I'm just saying… Occam's razor. If warmer oceans were the cause of this flooding, this problem would be a lot more widespread throughout the Caribbean. It's not. I think the cause is more localized, and I'd point the finger directly at Haiti's defoliation. It's not just a few trees here and there. They've cut down almost literally every tree in Haiti for charcoal, the primary fuel source.

  • Dominic Bartolone

    This water rise probably occurred a thousand years ago too. How come south Texas is in a severe drought? Why aren't they getting all this rain out of a warming gulf? Fact is that the weather runs in cycles and is driven by solar activity, currents, winds, and many other factors man has no control over. The Dutch built dykes thousands of years ago to stop ocean rise. We had little effect back then as well with the weather. Are people so naive as to think we are suddenly the cause of current weather changes?