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  • MlunguX

    This film looks like it will be interesting viewing, although Will Smith's Nigerian-American accent might get a bit distracting after a while…

  • Gordy Luft

    You know its oscar nom worthy when Will Smith is making that "I'm on the verge of tears" face like he did in Pursuit of Happiness. I am for sure seeing this movie.

  • Slugga Jonny

    I didn't know we didn't know this? Boxing has had people die. Back in the day we called what this movie is talking about "punch drunk". Alot of Boxers have this condition.

  • Phronesis7

    Ugh… I am a die-hard Will Smith fan but… eish… why is he playing a Nigerian man using a jacked-up Kenyan sounding accent? If you're playing a Nigerian why would you not hang out with Nigerians so you actually know how they sound?!

  • william Aggrey-Orleans

    People !!!…People !!!…lets chill with the Oscar predictions for now till the movie comes out…. OK ?

  • Absolutesublime1

    Next I'd like to see Denzel in a movie about the Doctor who discovered Irritable Bowel Syndrome, just make sure to focus in on the dramatic dialogue, the intense facial expressions and put an emotional score behind it. All the comments will say; "Oscar!"

  • Brando Williams

    So happy that Will Smith is finally starting to follow in Denzels foot steps. He said after earth was a wake up call that he needed more serious roles and had to take a break from doing block busters. Despite how huge Will Smith is he has turned down 100's of scripts and money to do roles over the years. He is probably the only A-list actor that has been in the business for so long and has not done anywhere near the amount of films most stars at his status does. He said he wanted to have fun with his family and did not feel the need to be in every movie. Now it seems he is ready to give the fans what they want with different types of roles not only in this movie but his upcoming projects as well.