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  • chad2456

    I said if after the pats game and I'll say it again. Cowboys NEEDED to win this game and if they didn't that's the season. It doesn't matter if the division is still somewhat open this current team doesn't have that special stuff. Romo is the team period and has been for the last decade and Dez makes him look that much better. I hate to say it but this season is lost. I don't see Dallas winning next week either and these division teams are getting ugly wins but wins nonetheless. This marks the point where Dallas NEEDED to draft their future QB and start molding him now and they also need a stud RB. McFadden isn't the future only a place holder. I'm done for this season guys I hope I'm wrong about everything. Till then

  • Jonathan DaCosta

    Honestly, Matt Cassel wasn't as bad as the 3 interceptions made him look. If anything, it seemed more like a lack of chemistry. he did well for someone who only played with our Boys for one week. I strongly believe we'll have a better game with Cassel next week against the Seahawks.

  • buster60341

    The fuck up part about the Cowboys vs Giants when Dwayne Harris return a kickoff for touchdown against his former team and that hurt!

  • Mike Brown

    We should throw the rest of the season for a great draft pick. This team cannot get it done this year if we can't beat a horrible Giants team that was just humiliated by the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • 22steve5150

    Sorry to say it but if they stuck with Weeden they probably get a win in this game. A few of us had been questioning the panic move to Cassel as being premature (only on the team 3 weeks before his first start and distracted by childbirth so doesn't have the same grasp of offense or having timing down with the receivers as well as could be) and goddammit we were right. Dink Dunk beats multiple turnovers any day of the week.

  • DJ MEL

    I'm so confused on my Cowboys 2 into look like T Will gave up McFadden looked ok, Defense Look OK still I don't like Carr especially for what he's been paid I'm so confused I'm looking forward to the Eagles game need to win that because next week we play a better Secondary smh

  • xpto41

    obviously without two of our most important players we would suck! 4 loses in a row is shit! But we still have more games until the last day of the reg season so we have to fight and win the next game!!!

  • tcshy1903

    I'm not that mad because I knew the Cowboys were screwed when they lost their best playmakers. The returner is a different story. We don't have one. It was Lucky, then it was Lance, now it is Cole. He is not cut out for the job. 4 losses in a row seems like too much to overcome.