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  • Maha Bilal

    im so sick of hearing songs only about sex, drugs, partying, etc. what happened to the older songs that actually had meaning before rap and pop came in

    EDIT: I'm not saying this song is about sec or drugs, I'm saying it doesn't have much meaning. it's just another mainstream song about love and because it's rap/pop it's not written in a love song way. so it doesn't hold its purpose. okay bye

  • Sabaa Patel

    Omg can ure on point in every way I <3 u so much ure gorgeous I just can't stop watching u every day ure my inspiration and I'm just really hoping I can meet you one day that's my only wish xxxx ilyssssssssssssssssssssssm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s. ure beautiful keep smiling u can do anything xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Maria Aldaco

    Can i have the lyrics pppppllllleeeeeaaaaasssss!!!!,!!,!!!!
    Because i copied the words but i lost the paper

  • WavesBienn

    wait wait wait wait wait, it just hit me. isnt that boy sing like what 12 MAYBE 13 years old! When i have kids id beat the SHIT outta them if they were writing songs about having sex at 4am! hit your ass with my shoe have ur ass at home crying in your bed at 4am! fuck you think this is boy!

  • shiann everett

    He's like 12. Wtf. Why are 12 year olds talking about wanting a girl in the middle of the night. No hate in them or the song but wtf.

  • KittyCatGaming

    Why are men/boys just what sex these days?? Most songs like rap are about sex but that is what men/boys sing about mostly not all boys and men sing about it Shawn Mandes sings about love there sweet songs not like this song right here sex is not the sweetest thing most boys don't even care about there girlfriend they just what sex guys are so desperate for sex they take drunk girls to there house to have sex with them rape it's horrible myself I don't like sex I think it doesn't show love at all to me to show love is to write love songs kiss hug say sweet things to each over that what's shows love to me sex is not one of them I know a lot of people are like umm if you love someone you have sex with them not all people like sex like me I don't like it I do what kids but I will go though that over thing you can go through I forgot what it's called and no not adoption anyways I do love this song myself but with out anything about sex I would love it even more.