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  • Leo Pulkkinen

    clippers shouldnt give deandre the max deal they should get two good players one two replace deandre and a good bench scorer

  • Sir Charles

    Well, if that's the case DeAndre Jordan better not bring his ass to the Lakers. If he can't handle Cp3 how the fuck is he going to handle dealing with Kobe?

  • Zenas Henry

    Stephen A. Smith Just Preached some real shit THE CLIPPERS Wasn't Shit without Chris Paul The Point Is Blake Griffin And Deandre Jordan Have to Become Great Mentally And Offensively

  • gmn545

    I will never understand how a professional basketball player collects millions of dollars while being unable to make half of their free – unguarded – throws/shots.

  • Vankai

    cmn.. its not Chris Pauls fault.. jeez like.. Deandre needs to learn to shoot free throws

    plus its highly disrespectful all this talk of their mentality. as if they have no heart.. this is where they really become overpaid armchair critiques…they are the ones spreading that noneses about the mentla make up of athletes… it irritates me when people make assumptions like that…so rude

  • Dikembe Mutombo

    Honestly how hard is it to just practice your free throws when it's part of your job and you're getting paid millions of dollars to do it

  • MischeviousMonkeyGaming

    Pg- rondo/Mudiay sg- tim hardaway jr/ deangelo russell sf- melo pf- Ed Davis/Karl Anthony towns C- Jahlil okafor/ deandre Jordan scary…

  • Tarik G.

    My ideal situation as a clipper is to keep Jordan. Sign Butler and put him SF and sit fucking Matt Barnes on the bench

  • Paul Jones

    i agree with Smith, Jordan practice on your "FREE throws" Chris is only asking you to improve where it's needed for the team and then you. You are clearly no Shaquille, this guy demanded a double with ball in hand…. Big guy get it done practice, practice…. Godspeed….

  • Roon Mc

    Stephen A. Smith hit it on the head regarding DeAndre Jordan. I would no pay him a max deal because his offensive game is nearly non-existent. He is basically a bigger Dennis Rodman.

  • John Mindanao

    DJ is a very good defensive anchor for the CLips, but his offensive game is severely limited to only CP3 lobs, and he's an atrocious ft shooter. If he leaves he will fall VERY hard