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  • Cameron Collins

    I think he is gonna be a perfect complement to Benji..and they are both 6'5" 235-240…watch out DB'S its the "TWIN TOWERS"

  • Shaun Tanger

    i was down on the pick until i watched some of his film. Still wanted a guy to blow the top off the defense but he'll still draw safeties away from the line of scrimmage, which is the point.

  • Matt 1

    All these guys whining Car didn't take an OT, WHO SHOULD THEY HAVE TAKEN?!?! They pretty much said they would have taken Humphries, but Ariz got him. Any OTs available to them in the first two rds would have been years developing.
    Good pick…

  • Je remy

    Peanut GinnTodman Oher Martin Shaq Funch Williams Mayo and C A P make the Panthers a better team Todman and Ginn in the return game especially. Oher Martin and Williams on the O line especially if Oher can return to form and Williams gets coached up. Funch adds his 6'4 235 to KBs 6'5 240 and the outside is huge Ginn and Philly have the speed when needed. Mayo is a tackling machine and will anchor both cover teams. Shaq joins a LB corps that is second to none and will become a star just watch. KEEP POUNDING!!!

  • Coley Boone

    Love the pick no doubt about it, but I feel Funchess should do what Alshon Jeffery did and drop his playing size to 215-220. I feel that 230 is his tight end weight.