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  • Chris56076

    So she can beat on a boy but Ray Rice gets punished for hitting a female ? Ok I get the logic. Female get all the rights to them and can get away with anything. And no Im not saying men should be able to hit females but it should go both ways. Its still violence and Hope solo should have had things taken away from her .. Like endorsements and a suspension

  • James Grant

    Good thing she's not a man or she might have gotten in serious trouble for her bullshit. Big-earlobed having butch cunt

  • Simon Carlsson

    Wow, you can tell she's full of shit. Something might have happened between her and her dance partner, and like a typical fake bitch she tries to publicly accuse him of assault in order to damage his reputation. Yuck! It's so apparent. Some women are just such snakes.

  • dbreiden83080

    What was the thought process in not letting her play that game? She was the starter and the best goalie. Sounded personal on the part of her team-mates. Typical female bullshit..

  • Martin Taiani

    "Let's keep it current. Why have a relationship with the past"
    It will be handy to have these quotes when she gets over the hill and starts going on about "respect" when the new guard takes over.

  • scarabmango

    I don't know why anyone would take that many pictures of their own anus.

    I mean, sure, if I was her boyfriend I would want to have a few pics of it. But not a full photographic documentary. Not in every light, from every angle, in every level of puckeredness.

    You could practically fill a coffee table book with the shots she took of that thing. Title it "Starfish of Hope" or something.

  • justin owens

    This woman has been arrested 2 times in a year over domestic violence. We have been on a witch hunt literally looking for all who have done these horrible acts of violence because of the video of Ray Rice. Yet…… we sit here and support this woman who has been involved in domestic violence twice…?? Help me understand this.. This doesn't make sense to me all. She shouldn't be playing for the USA team. There's a larger message here an it's frankly disgusting… God bless you Hope. Way to be outspoken on everything… Besides domestic violence….