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  • Soufi Mambok

    so this poor man got possesed by a demon and then he sneaks into an old mans house to put on perfume and a shirt on. the demon senses jordans and immediately makes him go into another person's house to steal them and rape some beats headphones before giving it to a little kid. he exits and sees a woman mowing the lawn and he looks at her by hope that she realizes he's being possesed but she continues to mow the lawn. he goes i to a womans house and since he's hungry, he starts having a fight with her for the pizza and he grabs her and says ur ugly and then she says bitch where and then the demon gets offended and leaves the body of the man a little bit and goes into the woman's. so half the demon is inside each of the people. the demon becomes tired after making them excercise and then makes them watch a film. what am i doing with my life ok bye

  • Chibi Tiger

    'I called an old friend, thinking that the trouble would wait' Anyone else thinking Taylor Swift?

  • IMustKillGoogle+

    Am I the only who noticed he was switching lifestyle from homeless to overclass in this video?

    He starts off homeless with only a pair of pants

    Then he steals low-end clothes from a working class family (but he makes up for it by cooking dinner and giving the kid Beats headphones.)

    After that he picks up mid-end clothes in a decent home with a sexy girlfriend.

    Lastly he lives in a fucking mansion with a pool and has a fucking suit. (And learned how to fly.)

    Watch the video again..

  • Mbandi Music

    I did a very unique version of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" with African Swahili vocals, conga rhythm, piano sax and viola. One viewer posted this comment on the video "Oh my God, I have goosebumps, ssoooo good!" Click on my name to watch and reply to this post letting me know what you think

  • Kyoki Kitsune

    "Daddy why is the weird man wearing my jordans?"
    "Hush child it might not be human"
    "But dad my jordans-"
    "Oh god he's touching my beats-"
    "No son don't put them on!"

  • sky- blue

    holaaa soy su amiga sky-blue y he regresado a darles otro vídeo que creo que les encantara, escúchenla y comenten.
    los quiere…

  • Jouie Salvatore

    I always thought of taylor swift the first time I listened to this song but now I realize that it is most likely about Ellie Goulding and Niall Horan OMG

  • RezAIIDay

    Nobody is probably gonna read this,
    but i know at least one or two of you have it in your heart to hear me out?!
    I'm a rapper. I know theres thousands maybe even millions of those in the world but not too many with ambition, dedication & a passion for the game.
    I don't have money for incredible music videos or tons of YouTube advertisement, so all im left with is comments to expose my music.
    If you take a min and give me a chance ill make you a believer. I would love? nothing more then a decent following on YouTube. If anyone reading could please press the "THUMBS UP" it will help other see and help push closer to my dream :) Thank You