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  • Christian Merkt

    My man, I agree, Tyrod is freaking stud. The offense has been 10x more exciting AND efficient with Tyrod in there. However, the Bills' coaches are dumbasses. They will start Matt Cassel. Rex is the type of douchebag idiot who wants to win games 14-10 with a mediocre QB. He's the type of idiot who will hold the team back and leave Tyrod on the bench while the fans call for his head. We have sen this over and over again in Rex's career. Because of this my man, Tyrod is a QB2 until Matt Cassel proves to be his shitty, mediocre self and maybe JUST MAYBE Rex will finally see that Tyrod puts them in contention for a super bowl. SO while you're right about Tyrod, he is a great electric player with a better arm than cassel, theres no way he's in the top 15 soles because Rex Ryan us a dumbass.