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  • Da Boss Da Cool Boss

    Fat queen, by Fatty Wap

    Im like oh my god oh no
    seen a tsunami as soon as she walked on the boat
    had that bitch sink all the way down to the floor
    this bitch is super-sized eating hella jelly rolls
    im like damn like baby how'd ya let yourself go?

    you see the size of this lady?
    she just left the gym eating fries hella lazy YEAH BABY!!

    and i cant ride with my baby
    she'll step in the car and bust the tires of my baby.

  • Nonie Monster

    "ιитяσ∂υ¢є∂ нєя тσ му ѕтσνє"
    ιм gσιиg тσ ∂σ тнιѕ єνєяутιмє ѕσмєσиє ¢σмєѕ σνєя му нσυѕє

  • Jide Olajide

    fetty wap has 8 letter
    you know what else has 8 letters? meek mill.
    Coincidece? i think not
    if meek mill diss fetty wap plus drake makes 3 guys dissing each other
    you know what has three sides.
    that's right, a triangle
    you know what has a triangle? annuet coeptis which is illuminati

    therefore Fetty Wap is illuminati confirmed

  • Angel Rojas

    1738 is a number in this song.1738 has the number on it 17+8=25 what is 25×2 that's 50 Cent . 50 Cent has four letters . 3+4 is 7 . George Bushs full name is 10 letters. George bush is in the illuminati.7+10 is 17 just like the first number in 1738. Bush did 9/11 9-1=8 then it's 178. What's the number that's left the number 3 what has 3 sides a triangle. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED


    These rappers dnt understand i mean like they keep rapping about money nd girls but look the girls finna use you for money nd then once the man is broke thats when they leave you but they will come back if you made some more money!! haha dumb ass bitches man yall niggas BLIND !!