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  • Trampadoo

    HOW do you personalise it?! Typical for google. The whole concept is utterly chaotic and they manage to not explain a single thing in this video. How do I get rid of the google+ blog entries if random idiots being shown on my google news page pretending to be actual news for example?

  • Vincent Ianelli

    How could Google screw up such a simple system? Click on a gear, and go about your business. And why all the mania for singing in for every damned thing? It's taxing my creativity coming up with all these aliases.

  • Benjamin Davis

    At 0:20 the narrator says, "…you can choose from an 'infinite range' of topics…" First of all, how can topics be infinite? Won't there be an end to the list of topics at some point? Sure, there will always be news and, technically, over time, more events and topics will arise; but at any point in history, there are only so many topics for that very instance. Furthermore, doesn't the term, 'range' mean that there are known limits while 'infinite' is indicative of something that is immeasurable or unlimited (therefore, unkown or limitless)? Perhaps, with my 'boundless scope' of education with which I was endowed, I wasn't supposed to notice. I suspect that this, however, is probably not the principle reason that this video has so many thumbs down. These observations notwithstanding, this, like other Google creations, is rather innovative and pretty cool, I suppose.

  • Obed Tewes

    im sensing a lot of apple like marketing here.. (just listen to the way he talks) google ur a shameless copycat i have to say.. and its not only in such things..

  • blancmage31

    @oby1co I've never seen an Apple commercial with this aesthetic. And Google is copying by "the way he talks"?! Really? Apple didn't invent good narration for commercials. Go hang out with the trolls at apple insider or something.

  • YUMdeepfry

    it would be nice to have the option to go to the old style news. also i would like to give some feedback but not sure where to do it?

    i think it's pretty bad that if I click on 'world news' there is only north american nes agencies as well as bbc. there are no other sources, really? what about al jazeera and many other sources that cover world news. i don't think this is the proper way to do things, google. this is censorship in a way.!!!!!!