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  • Ben Hammel

    They're certainly pretty open about what is going to happen this season. But… i don't know if its spoilers or not. I think we all know what is going to happen sooner or later on this show. Hannibal is going to get caught. Everyone knows that. HOW he gets caught and WHO is involved… that is interesting.

  • SincerelyAND

    I'm slightly disappointed that they gave away the meaty part of the story-line in season 3. I think they should take this video down. -_-

  • jcarda1

    What was the point of making a bulimia joke? Why was that funny? At what point does Gillian Anderson strike you as a "skinny actress trying to eat on screen?" and not a healthy woman who clearly eats well and works out. The spit bucket is there not because an actor doesn't want to eat but because no person can eat take after take of any food and not feel sick to their stomach. A plate of oysters, sure, but not how ever many plates of oysters it's going to take to get the shot.

    You could have focused on how she somehow managed to make eating an oyster look dainty but instead you went for the cheap joke about women and food.

  • Mel Jama

    Did they just reference The Talented Mr. Ripley?! I knew these folks were after my own heart! Loved this show from the jump! Mo Tif! lol Love the host too. Dang it why does Hannibal have to get caught and poor Badelia lol

  • Mahmudov Togrul

    А тут создатель и продюсер сериала спойлерят чем закончится первая половина третьего сезона Hannibal.

  • ryan withrington

    It feels almost as if Mads Mikkelsen is going to be playing a completley different character to the Hannibal that we have seen in S1&2, not wearing the flashy suits maybe being a bit more humorous and not quite as pristine and polished.
    Also I am so happy that we will see Hannibal incarcerated in this season as well, because I have always wanted to know how Mads is going to play Hannibal behind bars especially after Anthony Hopkins version is so iconic in Silence of the Lambs. This season is going to be perfection (and my favourite character Bedilia Du Maurier is going to be a regular woop woop).

  • clebras

    Why do they not tell us where this interview is being filmed? Is this a famous church or a set???? Does anyone know? Tell me this does not have to be as mysterious as the show is!