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  • Hannibal Lecter

    This episode was just amazing, very good dialogue and amazing cinematography in the crypt scene and the church.

  • Karen Toledo

    I love this podcast. You guys have the perfect balance between being funny and having in-depth discussions.

  • Tina Hesse

    Lol Joe it's Hesse like the Hess brand. You said it right the first time haha. Anyway I agree with you guys this episode was really great. I love edge it.

  • Mohammed Muaileq

    Am I the only one who is afraid about this show getting canceled, I love this show so much every week more and more but the ratings are making me nervous

    PS:Joe and Julia
    that was an awesome review

  • Amélia C.

    I think the Stag/human creature was a representation of what the relationship between Hannibal ans Will will be in season 3. The stag, in season 1 and 2, was a symbol of that bond between the two of them and after the bloodbath of season 2, Will watched the stag die, meaning that his relationship with Hannibal,in the form it took in the past seasons,died. And now, in front of the "broken heart" of Hannibal, the stag reappears, but twisted, representing their newconnection, that will be, as the "stag", scaryand monstrous.

  • suzuki akama

    One of the most spectacular episodes of Hannibal. And oh man that stag/human thing was full on Silent Hill moment i loved it.

  • nolan palmer

    Hey Joe and Julia. I just wanted to comment on that scene you two mentioned with the clock. Correct, it is Wills memory palace. Well, it is either Wills or its Will accessing Hannibal's memory palace. Hannibal: "My palace is vast, even by medieval standards. The foyer is the Norman chapel in palermo. with a single sign of mortality, a skull graven in the floor". Will moves the pieces of paper to reveal a skull in the floor. Since Wills memory palace is usually just a quiet stream. I am more inclined to think its Hannibal's memory palace (as all signs indicate).

  • MsLostNikita

    I think it was a clever way to bring the Abigail story to an end. Will kept holding on to Abigail as a connection to Hannibal and a way to mourn them both. With Abigail their bond started and it was for a long time the only aspect where they were honest with and to each other. But as soon as Will finds the human heart, he can let go of Abigail because he has his direct connection to Hannibal back and they both know now who and how they are under their person suits and thus they don't need Abigail as the "honest element" anymore.

  • Milena Torres

    As always I loved your comments guys, they are clever and funny.
    This week episode was great and intriguing, but I can't wait to see Hannibal and Will together again. Their conversations is one the things that make this show so amazing…

  • Joshwa W.

    Hey, guys! Love the show!! I'll be listening weekly. I run a Hannibal fan-site at eattherude.blogspot.com…under the ANNOTATIONS tab I go through all the little intricate references in each episode. I'm halfway through Season 1 but I'm also doing Season 3 as the episodes release! PRIMAVERA annotations will be up soon!!

  • peggy stickley

    This was a great episode. the writing, the cinematography, the entire flow of the episode had me glued to the screen. the gigantic heart giving birth to the stag was just awesome. I scared my poor dogs when I screamed with delight. I was on the edge of my seat and could hardly wait through the commercials, I was so enthused. it was a delight to see Abigail again even if she was just a figment of Will's imagination or a phantom. I could have sworn the priest could see her too. the only bad thing about the show Hannibal is I have to wait six long days until the next episode.

  • Ali Mason

    THIS IS SO GOOD! You break it down so well, and sometimes the imagery in the show gets so complex that I'll admit I can use that.

  • Arkane

    Loved the episode. Seeing Abigail again and Will having her in his mind as alive and wanting to hold on to her was very touching and sad. Also her autopsy scene really got to me. Not on a disturbing level, but a sad and "she's really gone level." Still her memory will live on.

    I also hope we get more of Inspector Pazzi. Will having an ally in him or perhaps possible antagonist ( given their views in Hannibal) will be great to watch unfold. This show never disappoints and it's only episode two.

    Now about that….that thing!! That stag human hybrid freaked me the heck out. The way it moved, the music, just that whole scene over all. Fun times right? Always love tuning in to you guys. Keep it up!