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  • Clyde Barrow

    BETTER THAN HILARY AND BUSH :) Funnier to listen to and what a hair piece. They are all clowns, but at least this clown makes me laugh.

  • G Suss

    Doesn't he realize that telling the truth doesn't work. You have to act like phonybama or sillary to get youngsters, women and minorities to vote for you.

  • Sharon Day

    This is a GREAT day for America! Finally a man that can not be bought! For him to live in the White House would be like for me moving to a studio apt!!! This man you may not like him but that is ok because he';s not running to be liked he's running to save our economy. I came from the 70's where you chose where you worked and you could get a good job out of high school and your college degree meant something! he will bring back our manufacturing, and he will rebuild our infrastructure instead of wasting more money than we have! He will not ask you for donations because he doesn't need them and he will not take a salary to live in that tiny APT either he will donate it right back to charity!!!!

  • BigEragon

    Im not a republican and I love Donald Trump.
    He is a great speaker, a great leader, and a great business man. If he can manage his businesses Great I am pretty sure he can rule our country.
    TRUMP 2016

  • dgbne jenks

    Donald Trump just did to republicans what he "tried and failed" to do to President Obama. Make them look like complete idiots! He's a clown who plays the bigot card very well. I'm sure Lil reince is ps'd lol….what a frickin sideshow this is gonna be. Get the popcorn folks!

  • Blake B

    So Donald Trump wants to get rid of the expansion on education for subjects that matter to the real world like math and science? Lol

  • andrew w

    Yep let America Trust somebody like Trump who is scammer hello whatever happen to trump school the biggest scam ever! Next republican clown pls!

  • Steven Miller

    So refreshing to hear someone who is honest about how bad the libs have screwed this country up. He would be tough as nails on the lousy Muslims. I love the idea of closing the border and making the illegalsbuildit and Mexico pay for it. Why should we have to accept people that break our laws every single day. Go Donald!

  • zack “McTutorials” leffue

    how is he gonna make mexico pay for a border wall unless he goes to war with them i guess it would help them because it could run drug cartels out of business

  • TissDiss

    I can't believe there is even a single human being in the crowd cheering for this. There's so many idiots in this country. Could you imagine, I mean really imagine, if Donald fucking Trump became president?

  • Emmy Isabel Chiche Gomez

    No debería juzgar a la gente pobre que sólo intenta salir adelante. Los mexicanos son personas buenas. Y supongo que a el no le gustaría que hablaran haci de su país ni de su gente si tiene tanto dinero porque piensa haci, para haber tenido tanto dinero fue porque era listo y tuvo los recursos para estudiar y trabajar. Pero en otros lugares no hay oportunidades y tienen que viajar para poder sostener a su familia. NO SE JUZGA.

  • Antonio Duarez

    and another clown who dreams to be president. You would never guess the republican dumb party circus was so entertaining. p.s. trump's daughter is married to a jew>>>>>another clown who will dump billions of dollars to Israel and send America into a war. God Bless President Obama!