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  • OCSilverandBlack

    Since when are you allowed to make your own rules at work? At my job we have an employee handbook which must be followed or else we can be fired, either after a warning or, right on the spot. The fact that this is a state government office is even more confusing. We have a separation of church and state in this country to avoid the persecution of others. Then again…this is Kentucky. What do you expect?

  • Sashine B.

    What a bitch. She is NOT above the law. Was she so concerned with marriage licenses when she was on her second, third and fourth marriages? And she's being paid something like $80,000 to deny people their civil right. She should be removed from Office IMMEDIATELY.

  • clydesight

    Kim is in violation of her own God whose authority she claims to be following: Mark 12:17 "Render unto Caesar… etc." Commanded by her Jesus himself. She works for Caesar, she attends a church, "God's house". Two different places. No one is asking her to issue a license in church!

    Also, she took an oath when she accepted the job, to uphold the Constitution. The Constitution is open to interpretation by the Supreme Court – which has ruled that Same Sex marriage licenses are legal, Constitutional, and required if requested. But we all know this.

    I think Kim is a religious zealot and easy "mark" who is being played by her legal firm (which is a thinly veiled right wing religious group). Remember "wolves in sheep's clothing". Most likely they are using her to get publicity. She will be led to believe that she is "doing right" yet all the while doing wrong.

    She does no service to her God, or her religion, because she behaves like an arrogant, spoiled child.

    She does no service to America because she makes all of us look like contentious idiots, thanks to the dialog around her action, or lack of action.

    This is religio-political drama played like a soap opera on the national stage, and Kim is just one actor in the play.

    But Kim IS doing one thing productive, she is giving us what we crave most – entertainment.

    However, she'd do a better job of it if she would act more like that screaming "God Warrior" of a few years back.

    Now THAT would be funny! And she'd get more than 15 minutes of fame.

  • Jon R

    She can hold whatever beliefs she wants but those belief are irrelevant in government. They simply Do. Not. Matter. Do your job or quit.

  • Thom Collins

    She broke two laws in her stupid bible. Was not a virgin when married and is committing adultery. READ YOUR STUPID BIBLE! Then, once you've read your stupid bible you should read the Constitution of America. Learn why the USA was formed – something like – religious persecution. I say, take her out and stone her since she is doing "Gods" work. There is no forgiveness for adultery especially after 3 or 4 times. What, sorry god.. need to try this marriage thing one more time…

  • Vmt16

    People like this piss me off. She has already divorced 3 times herself and I do not fucking wonder why: Its because she's a cunt. And everyone in that room are also cunts just for being in the same room with her because that's just how big of a cunt she is.

  • Timothy E

    Good for you! Stand your ground. I would LOVE to see her call the police. If her beliefs conflict with the oath she took, there is a way to respect both …. I don't understand why she doesn't resign. She could have left with grace and dignity and we all would have respected that. Instead she wants a fight – well, sweetie, she ain't seen nothing yet. LOVEWINS

  • Gimpy

    It's not that she's unwilling to do the job that bothers me. She has her religious beliefs and it makes sense that she wouldn't want to do this. My problem is that she also doesn't want to resign. She wants to be able to pick and choose what is expected of her in this position, holding the local government hostage under the guise of religious freedom. If she has that much of a problem with gay marriage, then QUIT ALREADY!