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  • Amiee Ann

    I wish I could vote today, but alas, I'm only 17. This segment was hilarious, I have been waiting for John to do a longer segment on Canadian politics.

  • Nick Piers

    I swear, if Harper AND Trump are both elected into office? I'm finding a way to leave North America altogether.

    EDIT: Okay, with Harper gone, that's one fear lifted. Now for the other one. Which, from I understand, shouldn't be a concern.

  • abdou salem

    thanks to you john oliver, i went to vote today!! i don't watch TV and don't care about politics but after knowing what's going on i felt i had the obligation to go.

  • TheGreatMoonFrog

    I know he won't win but I hope Mulcair wins. He may not be pretty, he may be awkward when dealing with the public but in office he's a bulldog that bites into important issues and doesn't let go. He's the only one willing to repeal bill C-51 (a terrifying bill which strips our freedoms in the guise of "safety" which Trudeau voted for!). He'll reform our fucked up voting system so our votes can actually count. The NDP said they'd work with the liberals as a minority government but the liberals won't work with the NDP. Do we really want to be the country that voted in a guy because he has nice hair and is a professional public speaker? Use your brains. Why run the country into a planned deficit over 3 years? What happens in the very likely scenario of another global economic crisis. Canada would be fucked.

  • vbarreiro

    If El Peje wins in Mexico, everybody moves to the States. If Trump wins in the US, everybody moves to Canada. If this man wins in Canada, we ran out of northern countries. Don't let this guy win!

  • MelioraCogito

    Common, Labatt Blue tasting like urine?
    Every time I think of American beer, I am reminded of the slogan of the Olympia Brewing Company's Olympia Beer … "It's the water."

  • Blue Steel

    I don't understand leftist's new obsession with supporting Islam. I understand the need to not oppress people, but do you not understand that you are supporting a culture that ENCOURAGES OPPRESSION?!

    It is absolutely ridiculous. Go do some research on Islam. Actual Islam, not the secular bullshit your Bosnian or Albanian friend told you about. There is no reason why we should support such a backwater, barbaric religion.

  • CanadianGuy eH

    I'm a classical Liberal, and can we just for fuck sakes get rid of that stupid bullshit reactionary word "Islamaphobia" already?

    It's a drummed up made-up term to silence those who particularly have legitimate concerns about Islam, and that in Canada charter of rights, it's already against the law when it comes to hate crimes.

    And i'm not entirely against the idea of banning the Niqab, it should be encouraged not to wear it, not frowned upon for wearing it and that banning it will just cause more of a issue than doing any good.

    You chose to live in Canada, you don't live in an Islamic state anymore, no need to wear something that just oppresses you.

  • MrMoonman3000

    Please John, don't feed into the hysteria of the term Islamophobia. People shouldn't be treated unfairly for whatever religion they are a member of. And laws shouldn't be enacted that are disparaging of anyone's beliefs. But there should be laws that do not allow people with a certain belief to act against another who do not agree with them. So, no one should be allowed to force their girls to wear hijabs. That isn't Islamophobia. That's being protective of children. Also, there should be no law that prohibits women from wearing hijabs, unless they need to be identifiable, like in driver license photos. That's just common sense. We should all live in a secular society. Anyone should be able to believe in anything they want as long as their behavior doesn't interfere with another person's life.