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  • Julianne Wall

    It's a shame that he passed. His addiction got the best of him. Not trying to be disrespectful but I'm going to say it anyway. This is a reason that you don't do drugs. Don't try them,don't even think about trying them. They make your life shit. And this is coming from a 13 year old who NEVER will try drugs or any crap like that. Be careful of who you surround yourself with because they will pressure who if they are not good friends.

  • Ashton Grove (Dance4yourlifexoxo)

    I think Glee helped prolong Cory's life. Without it we probably would've lost him sooner than we did. It definitely brought out the best in him. He was a beautiful soul who had a very serious problem but like Lea said, "he was not his addiction." RIP Cory.

  • LaceeLasers

    I could tell around the middle of the video she was holding back tears and trying not to choke up. Honestly one of the strongest women I've ever seen. She an idol.

  • kaylaluxton1

    I like how she looks at the audience when she talks too. A lot of celebrities just look at Ellen, and she made this interview more personable. I love her. She's amazing

  • msmusik2

    She's trying SO hard to keep herself together for this interview, she is so strong and inspirational, I've never lost anyone really close to me and just the pain she must be going through, I couldn't imagine it:(

  • Emilie F

    I had only watched about 2 episodes of the show and had a vague idea of the plot when the news about Cory's passing hit the news and still I was so incredibly devastated! Later I saw The Quaterback on TV and I started crying so much despite the fact that I didn't know any of the characters. The reality of that episode, that it's all for real, just hit me. I have now watched the whole show and although I'm still not a huge fan, his death still makes me cry. When she speaks of him – when anyone from the cast speaks of him – he just sounds like such a swett, honest and wonderful guy and this with his addiction, the way he died, it's just so unbelievably sad! I don't know them personally and I have never ever cried about any celeb death before, so the fact that I'm crying about Cory – even when I barely knew who he was – is both weird and wonderful. I just have this feeling that the world lost a truely incredible man – not to mention; a great actor and singer – and I just wish he was alive.