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  • Ray Solice

    Rooney should have been moved to the left wing on Sunday. He's the only player in the team that has had a free pass under LVG, everyone else has been axed or left out for certain spells. Rooney actually played better as a midfielder running from deep last season where he scored 12 goals and made 5 assists. This season he has scored 2 goals and made 1 assist which is nowhere near good enough for a number 9 playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world. SAF played Rooney on the wing so why can't LVG, does he know something Fergie didn't? It's time LVG put the team first, we clearly won't win the premier league with Rooney playing as the No9 under his current form. Martial is the future of Man United, why bother spending £36M on a No9 just to play him on the wing it makes no sense. Everyone can see how good this kid is, we are restraining a fantastic player to the benefit of the opposition.

  • ohrelapze

    Sad to see a player decline so fast. You can see that Wazza still has passion for the club, played with a bleeding head, but unfortunately the legs are gone

  • Haiderroo

    theres nothing wrong with wanting to see the best players (form wise) playing in there best positions.
    Rooney thinks being a captain is all about shouting, Basti/Smalling are perfect examples of what a captain should be like

  • ValenNoDoubt

    *Memphis should play in the Champions League
    *Bring Blind back but as a sub for a midfielder
    *Martial up top and Herrera behind him
    *Young NEEDS to be at the wing for the league games

  • Ronak Parekh

    I like Rooney, his done a lot for the club, but it I think number 9 is no longer suited for him, martial fits the profile, he was amazing on the left against city, I think van gaal should introduce Memphis back into the team with martial up from and mata on the right, the thing is I want Herrera to play number 10, but I guess Rooney will play in that role, its 2 points dropped because we should have won.

  • stephane vu-hoang

    Hey Gaz, Firstly you hit the nail on the head, something's wrong with Wazza, Secondly yes the draw was disappointing and there is a link between the result and Wazza's poor performance. Now to LVG's defense he will never go public about his club captain underperforming, his job is to keep it between closed doors. He is trying to accommodate Rooney because just as you said he knows Wazza's world class but Gary Lineker actually wrote something that pretty much sums up what I reckon, he's not playing in his best position. To get the best out of him, he's got to play in the hole, the problem is that Depay for whatever reason seems to be struggling. I'm not blaming the young Dutchman but he's part of the issue as much as Wazza is. On the other hand we need to play Herrera Mata Rooney in the same team to enable Martial to lead the line. However we just can't play the 3 of them and as I said Depay has been underwhelming. IMHO we need to experiment something against Boro, give Depay a start, rest Rooney and start Herrera in a deeper role alongside Carrick. That would enable us to assess Depay's situation. If he performs well, give him the nod at the weekend and shift Rooney into his favorite position. Then our team against Palace could be : DDG/ Darmian Smalling Jones Rojo/ Schneiderlin Herrera/ Mata Rooney Depay/ Martial. Schweinsteiger would then get a well deserved rest before the midweek CL fixtures. I firmly believe that would give us more mobility and more specifically bring the best out of captain marvel.

  • Marbert Reuski

    I think Rooney can become good again. Like you said, I wouldn't mind if he was dropped for one match, not long term. Just to kind of give him a wake up call.

  • AlexThomson1000

    Rooney's not good enough. If he was playing for another team would he be your first pick for striker as a summer signing? Would he even be on your list as 4th or 5th choice?

    Its amazing just how fast he's declined, after seeing what's happened to RVP I'm thinking he will never recover. Time for him to go to the MLS or something.

  • Cameron Ketch

    I enjoyed your take. We all want the squad to do well and Wayne isn't performing at the moment. I would say let him rest a bit and bring him in as a sub against Middlesbrough. He's only 30, I still feel he has a lot to give to our side. Lastly, at least we can't knock his work rate, It could be worse, we could have the likes of Toure loafing around the pitch. Cheers.

  • Caldor3

    The reason why Rooney isn't being dropped is because he is our captain and that they'll be a massive media outcry if it happened. I think Van Gaal needs to bite the bullet and drop Rooney just to see what happens. Play an attacking trio of Memphis, Mata and Lingard with Martial leading the line.