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  • callowaymotorcompany

    You ask what's so different and why they care, what's so different and why do you care? The confederate flag should have been removed ages ago, and I say that as a Georgian.

  • Venaloid

    Eh, you know, I get why they did it, and I think the arguments against their decision aren't as strong as I'd like them to be, so I'm not really keen on disagreeing with this, nor do I see it as a symptom of our growing culture of crying and feigning offense in order to get what you want. You can extract some parallels, but I don't think it's the same beast.

  • Castiel .The Angel

    Personally, I think if these companies don't want to sell these items, they aren't forced to, but I don't think the flag itself should be banned. Do people think that by getting rid of the flag, it's going to stop people from having these racist views? That the flag was the reason that the shooting happened? No. People are going to spew racist venom whether there's confederate flags or not. Instead of worrying about a flag, why not focus more on the underlying causes of racism and why people would want to use it as a racist symbol. A flag has no meaning outside of what people give it. It's not causing racism, people who use it as a racist symbol were racist to begin with.

  • Solitary15

    It's not that they want to prevent people from buying flags. They just don't want them buying flags from THEM. These are fortune 500 businesses. They're not going to sell the item for a small profit when they can make a statement and appear socially superior by dropping said items. Has nothing to do with the Streisand Effect.

  • Matthew Dolby

    Alright. This politically correct, afraid of offending people bullshit has gone too fucking far. How long before they start petitioning to ban the American flag? Fucking christ.

  • FuckYouGoogle

    Slavery existed under the American flag, as did genocide of the natives. Maybe we should fucking ban that as well.
    Fuck the politically correct liberals, they can all eat a big steaming pile of shit.

  • Grishnakh gro Gorbash

    What the fuck does the Confederate flag have to do with a racist, psychopathic, asshole entering a church and killing black people? Because putting the finger to big government and taking pride in your heritage is clearly the embodiment of racism in America.
    I'm not saying that one should take pride in their Southern ancestors, who supported a fucked up institution, but their is no basis for the flag itself to be banned. Southern pride did not murder these people, a psychopath did.

  • Shippoyasha

    Don't American even learn at school that the Confederacy was apolitical position? They definitely should not brand it as some flag of bigotry and also bigots shouldn't use it asa flag of rebellion either.

  • Actionbastard

    Cant buy confederate flags on ebay anymore but all that nazi memorabilia and racist posters from the 70's are just fine.

  • HolyknightVader999

    Good Lord. This is getting out of control. Some guy shot some people in a Church. We get it, racism is bad. It has nothing to do with the Confederacy, which I might add, died 150 years ago. Yes, some Confederates became racist lynch mobs after the war. But other Confederates also tried to get them to stop and tried to build bridges with blacks and Northerners after the Civil War. Robert E. Lee was a good example.

  • Pete StandingAlone

    I'm not even going to bother watching this. I have a feeling Matt's going to go on a contrarian rant (mind you, this is what I'm subscribed to him for, I enjoy it, not complaining) but if they don't want to sell the flag, so be it. I won't have a problem with seeing less confederate flags around. people will still be able to find one somewhere on the internet if they really wanted to. but maybe soon enough, it'll be like having a nazi flag, there will be so much stigma attatched to it (which there should be, it practically symbolizes slavery) that nobody will want to associate themselves with the symbol. just don't understand why it took a slaughter for retailers to realize the flag had this stigma. Ah because, it's probably not about that. This is damage control. Although I have no problem with that, their reasoning is obviously due to recent events and them not wanting to be associated with that. Whatever. Less confederate flags, i'm okay with.

  • wataki2

    Ppl always bitch about Why America has more laws than any where in the world… Well this is why, We are a reactionary country, if something bad happens WE HAVE TO MAKE A LAW.