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  • Baji Kimran

    McKay told a funny story about a kicker they had in training camp the first year. Seems the guy missed all his kicks. One day he came to McKay and said "Coach, I think I know the problem. It's you. You make me nervous and that's causing me to miss every kick". McKay replied, "It seems like we have a problem then because I was planning to be at all the games".

  • halloween Recital

    26 straight losses right out if the gate, haha. It wasn't until the saints that they finally won. Talk about some serious psychological problems as a whole unit. Wow!

  • Ken Hidaka

    I've been waiting five months to see both the highlights and the classic segment of the 1995 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and all I can say is "THANK YOU!"

  • misfits4life1

    Hugh Culverhouse was the biggest jackass in n.f.l history never spent money on the team ruin John Mackey and nearly football in the city of Tampa