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  • eon14873

    have you seen the new 49ers new black uniforms. what the fuck is that about. there is only the silver and black. fuck em

  • Greg Underwood

    I cannot believe they said my Derek Carr to Amari Cooper comparsion of Rich Gannon to Tim Brown from Twitter. Thats awesome

  • dimension5 Gaming

    i prayed for derek carr 2nd round last year and i prayed amari cooper 1st this year and we got both in the draft… these 2 are gonna do great things. I am a Raider. Can't wait to get my Cooper jersey.

  • ted cook

    Alright Carr you have a no1 and Crabtree could be a no2 and we have a bunch of no3s get your balls down and scramble for some 1st down more often. Also hit the open man in front of you more often and dont you dare throw high balls to Cooper over the middle.

  • Lorenzo Bryant

    Raiders got off to a very good start getting a WR that was a must for Carr. Now, Im in the second round. Randy Gregory is still available. Jake Fisher I think his name is is available thats from Oregon. I also have Devin Smith from Ohio State. I said in the second round that we need a pass rusher, but after long thinking and seeing other comments, I could go WR again which could be very tempting. Landon Collins and dude from Fresno State is also there available for SS and if I need to look at CB, Lorenzo Howe I think his name is is available there still. Hmmm……Help me out guys. Should I as Reggie McKenzie go OL, CB, Pass rusher or WR again? Tough to decide.

  • Marcos Lepe

    Amri Cooper is going to be the rookie of the year! I can not say this enough, Win, lose, or tie, Oakland Raiders till I die. RAIDERS 4 LIFE!