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  • PhillyFly1039

    Dude… this kid right here is an absolute killer. He has the heart of a warrior and plays both sides as aggressive as anyone I've seen. His handle, quickness and explosion I actually haven't seen since Iverson… and before you thumb your nose at that… look at how they both play… they are very similar in the way they move and explode to the rim and shoot. This kid is going to really open up some eye's at this years summer league and I guarantee you he will come into the L with a chip on his shoulder to prove he belongs. He is better than Thomas of the Celtics, Aaron Brooks, and Nate Robinson. This dude could lead the league in steals some day too. Look him up in high school too… you can't tell me he doesn't play like AI!!!

  • Wei Qi

    I'm telling ya, Boatright has some Stephen Curry in him. The NBA will be opening up more due to the Warriors style of play so Ryan could fit in real well.

  • Anzwar Shakur

    Who cares what you think about his size…

    If he believes, you can go sit thr fk down somewhere bc he's gonna be on an nba roster.PERIOD.

  • Kerrie Walubengo

    Same trainer and Workout Damian Lillard did in his pre draft workout. That trainers makes players go hard in workouts.

  • Nick DiClementi

    This workout looks like the same exact workout Damian Lillard did in front of nba scouts a couple years ago. Must be the same trainers/coaches. This dude could be similar to Isaiah Thomas (the one on the celtics)

  • JJoy

    Am I the only one that sees a little bit of A.I. in his game? The pull-up jumper and the athleticism. Maybe it's just me. He does play ike Aaron Brooks too.

  • bnicedagreat

    He been one of my favorite players since I played against him in Chicago. He play both sides of the court, explosive for his size, got a quick 1st step and deadly mid range shooter…