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  • Marco Clarke

    I'm not even gonna read any of the racist ass comments or reply to any. Serena is a great tennis player and overall athlete. Now it's unfortunate that I have to comment on body but shoot Stephen A. Smith said it best us Black men as a whole not only don't have a problem with her body shoot we LOVE it. I find it funny and suspect how the white media will call Bruce Jenner sexy and beautiful for slapping on some fake tits and shaving done his Adams apple, BUT will call Serena manish because she has muscular arms meanwhile her face and body more than keep your eyes off her arms. The woman is drop dead gorgeous.

  • Cortez Harper

    Serena is amazing I don't care what anybody says. I believe if she were white she would be more appreciated. So she is thicker but she's an athlete.

  • ben sibanda

    David Beckham is or maybe was the richest footballer in world and they were MANY players that were better than him. It happens in every sport. Pretty people who are very good(not the best) at their sport tend to earn more money through endorsements. It's world we live in. Serena Williams is beautiful but not as beautiful as sharapova.. that's why sharapova is getting more money in my view..
    Obviously I'd prefer the best to get the money but that's the world we live in

  • John-Doe

    Stephen A often makes it about race but this time he's right. Despite her dominance she doesn't have that "look" execs look for in endorsements

  • 6ft4RenaissanceGuy

    Look.. i'm black… It's called marketing. Sharapova is tall, white and skinny with model looks. She has an audience. Serena is very muscular like a man hence not a lot of finesse. That doesn't thrive when it comes to fashion and being sexy etc…
    it's just life. I think if Serena looked like Megan good or halle berry, she would make more money. It's not the race thing, it's just an attractiveness thing. I'm black and she is not attractive to me. Too muscular. I prefer feminine women.
    This is the the same reason why Bechkam made more money than anybody else when he was AVERAGE at best. It is call MARKETABILITY.

  • beatenby theclown

    In women's sports, particularly tennis, there is a massive media bias towards pretty blondes. If they have an ounce of talent, pretty blonde athletes will have a way easier time on the endorsement front. Look at the build up to the Wimbledon 2014 final, about 90% of the coverage was focused on Bouchard, whereas Kvitova was a previous champion and anyone with a modicum of tennis knowledge knew Bouchard's game was a real bad match up to Kvitova's on grass. Result – Bouchard got creamed.

    With regards to Sharapova – she'd sell her grandmother for an endorsement, Sugarpova – give me a break. Yes looks are a large part of the endorsement disparity between the two but also the fact that Williams is less of a corporate gold digger

  • YFGMBlogTv

    Serena beat this girl ass 17 times and she make more thats a fucking joke ha its amazing how the media wants everybody to act all fake on and off the court well dammit everybody is not like that

  • Nickon Mashhood

    I really like the way skip approached this question. He didn't point to her race or physique but just got to the bottom line: serena can play tennis.

  • Rain Nguyen

    And the reason why Sharapova make more money on endorsement is because she looks like a VS model and gets hair product sponsorship and any kind of facial product sponsors. I do agree that she shouldnt make more money. But even if Shara just went into Modeling and got recognized somehow and had nothing to do with Tennis, she prob would have made the same amount of money if not alittle bit less.