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  • ChunkyBunny2

    This is how I would react is they released Tomba! 3. I personally LOVE the Tomba! series and it's sad that the publisher went bankrupt. There's not many fans out there, so there's no way there's gonna be a 3rd.

  • Orpheusftw

    As soon as I heard the news, I specifically had to look at your channel. You were always the biggest Shenmue fan I've ever seen, and I knew you'd probably be losin' your shit. I wasn't disappointed.

    I'll chip in too. Admittedly it won't be no five hundy, but good for you. Nice to see someone so damn happy about something.

  • Pavel Tikhonov

    I am throughouly disappointed that this is:

    1) Coming only in two years, so it has been in limbo ever since Shenmue 2 (but I guess not that big of an issue, the team probably didn't have any funds at all to work on the game)

    2) Not a PS4-only game, also coming to PC (missed opportunity for Sony to get a system seller, the exclusive games library is pretty shitty on PS4 right now, Shenmue could have been an amazing improvement to that)

    3) Funded via a Kickstarter, not by Sony themselves (announcing a kickstarter campaign during a E3 press conference is a very silly and weird move instead of outright giving money to bring Shenmue 3 to life, and then bringing Yu Suzuki to the stage to announce the game itself)

  • DreamcasticChannel

    I'm surprised you're not one of the three people that backed at the $10,000 level! Haha! I'm still not 100% sure this isn't just a dream. Not sure if you noticed yet but there is a physical release on PC. I backed at the $60 level to get that. I have little doubt this is going to blast past the $1 million goal and break some Kickstarter records.

  • FilmStrife

    This, along with the Last Guardian and the (gasps) FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE show that Sony gave a damn good E3. On a side note I'm pretty sure there will be a Final Fantasy 7 themed PS4.

  • Rigo Contreras

    I damn near shit I brick. I thought it was a shenmue hd remaster at first. Then I saw it was 3 and about shit myself again. You can get a physical copy of the PC version. The PS4 version at the moment is digital only.

  • MarcoZ

    And your last video was denouncing every periodical Shenmue 3 rumor as bullshit! Bwhahahaah! Holy fuck this is unbelievable though.