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  • mandeez831

    I always thought Maddie is such an amazing dancer that if somehow she were in a freak accident and didn't have legs, and could only use her arms to dance, she would still be amazing. I can't believe I'm seeing it happen and it's lived up to my expectations. Best parts 1:08-1:20. The way she rips the skin off her forearm and the rubberband part at 1:14 was so compelling! The way she moves her hands at 3:26-3:30 is genius. She has such expressive arms, hands, and face. Another brilliant performance by Maddie. Sia is brilliant also! Her voice is so soulful, she touches your heart.

  • heidos7

    To people wondering why she never shows her face, there is a reason and no, it is NOT that's she ugly. Sia has been around for a long time and she used to show her face before, but only now with Chandelier she is becoming extremely well known in the mainstream music industry. When in reality, she is behind many hits featuring artists like Rihanna and Beyoncé, but gets no credit because she is not the face for it. That is what is so fucked up about this industry, it's all about the face and the appearance instead of the music. Why does Sia hide her face? Because she wants to be recognized for her MUSIC and not for her face. She doesn't want to get all sucked in by the fame and the 'celebrity' aspect of things. Seeing how fame can change and damage a person, honestly, can you really blame her? I think she's being smart and she's just being herself. This is who she is. It doesn't change the fact that she is one of the most talented people on this earth.

  • HeyitsMiaA

    Hi whoever is reading this…. You're amazing, you're awesome, and you're way more loved than you think.keep ur head up from all the haters!! U have so much life to live, and don't waste that being sad
    Have a magical day – MiaA

  • HammerBann

    If Sia doesn't want to be recognized for her Personality, just for her Music, Tell me why she's On Stage singing out of a large white box instead of being behind the stage, so it is really about the Music?;)

    Sorry, i like her, but this is only to get People to discuss about it.

  • Sara Psychedelic

    Everything Sia does is magic, but this performance/interpretation of the song is just my absolute favorite. It's so light and heavy at the same time.