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  • DaOutlaw23

    I'm from Stl, and I've been a Rams fan as long as I can remember. It feels good to see light at the end of the tunnel. (Turning the franchise around) we've been do for our time in the sun.

  • johnbs199

    As a Saints…gotta admit, I'm jealous of this defense. You guys aren't the best but y'all bring the pain. Good vid bruh. Hope y'all beat the piss out of the 49ers and Hawks

  • John Ninnymug

    If only we had an offense the defense wouldn't be so hilariously underrated. Their careers are being wasted.

  • gwizz83

    Nice vid. As I been saying for the last couple yrs, the defense is legit. Its just the offense. With the changes in coordinator, qb, a fresh young o line, and a potential beast in gurley, it looks like they might be setup to takeoff finally. Just depends on how fast everything gels. Hope they don't gel in la…that would suck for a stl fan if they leave. Go rams!

  • WhoDat4Life

    Gregg Williams must have that bounty program going on over there. LMAO….joking, but seriously. I didn't even know they still had hits like these in the NFL. Goddamn.

  • chronic tonic

    They the type of D that isn't going to be number 1 in yards allowed but they are damn sure going to make you pay for every yard, and they cause some amazing turn overs.

  • sheila isais

    Jesus christ. These guy WAM. These guys are scary and freaky and hellacious, Seahawks defense is power puff girls compared to this shit, these guys just want to hurt people man, SHIT.

  • Chris Berger

    this team consistently gives the hawks problems and if u guys had a better o and were more consistent then it's over for everyone else. Look at this front 7…i wish the hawks had that shit man…

  • jcardinals15

    That last hit was amazing. I remember seeing that live thinking he was dead. Not a dirty hit either, but damn was it violent! Go Rams!

  • josh_t_21

    I really love your vids. I'm 15 from california and I've been a rams fan since birth. You earned a subscriber. GO RAMS!!

  • phpeters87

    With the addition of Nick Foles, Todd Gurley, the young Studs on the OL, Barrett Jones finally healthy along with the additions of Akim Ayers and Nick Fairley to the Defense and with young talent like Joyner, Roberson, McDonald, Jenkins, Donald, all ascending, this is going to be a playoff team barring injury to a key player.

    10, maybe 11 wins this year. Look at the Rams defensive stats for the last 7-8 games last season after the new Defense clicked – they were one of the top 5 or 6 in the NFL and should be a top 5 for the entire 2015 season.

    And if Nick Foles can play well along with Gurley returning from his ACL, this team, along with the ST's is going to be very good for a long time.

  • Jhawson Miller

    2015 baby year of the rams let's go excellent video bro been a rams fan since 90 and always will be 4 life