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  • Tadpole Superhero

    I guess I have a different perspective – I never cared about Star Trek until the 2009 film, which I loved (and Into Darkness I enjoyed even more). So I don't really care about whether it's "true" Star Trek because… well, I've never enjoyed "true" Star Trek.

    It looks fun. The trailer's super short, so it's just a quick snapshot of some action sequences and humor, and Justin Lin didn't have a part in the script-writing so I expect Beyond to be pretty in line with the last two movies. The trailer was definitely marketed towards a different audience, I thought it was a fun trailer. It's not great, but it's also short and does what it planned to do. It's gonna tick off "true" Star Trek fans, but a lot of them were already alienated by Into Darkness because they're fickle and nitpicky so I don't think that's a big deal.

  • Carl Angel (CRangel)

    Hi Flick Master!. To be honest, I really liked the trailer. My favorite part is how they sync the word Beyond side by side with the music. To me, this looks like a Star Trek movie for the cool geeks, which will explain why not that many geeks will like it (because not that many geeks know how to be cool). But here, let's put things in to perspective. Lately, many people have being complaining that all movies have being going dark and broody. This trailer promises a fun, exciting time at the movies. To me, that is a nice change of pace. And to be honest, I don't see nothing wrong with going the rout of copying from Guardians of the Galaxy. Is a little more of a good thing a bad thing? Or would it had being better for them to do a space exploration sequel and copy from a movie like Prometheus? I've always liked Star Wars more than Star Trek because SW has always had more action and adventure than ST. But with this trailer, I am actually liking the idea of having fun while watching a Star Trek movie. I love you John, keep up the great work. :)

  • Bradley J. Timm

    Wasn't Simon Pegg supposed to have written a more cerebral script more in line with early Star Trek? That's what he was was saying at one point.

  • Scott Behnke

    I gotta admit this is one of the worst movie trailers of all time to me. Justin Lin completely used 2 scenes from the Fast franchise and stuck them in this movie. I couldn't be less hyped about this movie than I am right now. Not looking forward to this at all

  • Shimura Shinpachi

    no one even liked into darkness, why not try a new take with trek and make it more GOTG? everyone loved GOTG, it makes sense, they can't compete with Star wars no more

  • Cole Silver

    You're being way too critical of the trailer man, Kirk's on a dirtbike? You don't know the context of that scene. The movie looks like a total blast. And Why do all Star Trek movies have to have exactly the same tone?