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  • TheColorOfCaramel

    LMFAO!!! 2:32 I remember that show! This guy actually did the IMPOSSIBLE and practically almost won it himself and that woman came out and gave the most STUPIDEST
    answers anyone ever heard! One question was like 'At work during lunch break what do you do?' Well you would say something like go outside to smoke or gawd FORBID….EAT!
    She was like 'hang around the water fountain.' O_o I'm paraphrasing, but this was the type of answers she was throwing out. SO, when it came time to reveal the answers this dingbat
    couldn't even get 5 points on any of them. Man, never in my LIFE have I seen an audience get so quiet, it was like everyone was at a funeral and even Steve was trying to stay positive, but the look on his face…shakes head I would have made her ass walk home.

    Note: Got thru looking at that vid and the question was more like 'when do you start looking at your watch?' Not about lunch breaks, hey it's been awhile.

  • Shirley D

    I LOVE Steve Harvey ! He is a comic genius ! He's a good christian ! He's a loving and devoted husband and father ! He's a great example of a GOOD MAN ! Did I mention he's the greatest game show host ever ! I wish he'd get into politics !!! GOD KNOWS WE NEED MEN LIKEHIM NOW MORE THAN EVER !

  • Jeff from Jersey

    Steve is a TRULY FUNNY man… Just genuine funny dude.. he is Perfect for that show.. How can you not love this guy…
    it dont matter when you come from, what color you are… this dude is just such an easy person to relate to and laugh with…
    God Bless…

  • gunnysgirl

    He was supposed to answer with a WORD that goes with the word, PORK as in CHOP, LOIN, BELLY, ROAST, not freakin UPINE, QPINE, or CUPINE. And his cousin spelled LOIN, LION! She pronounced it LAWN! That family was messed up; kept saying "good answer" to all that nonsense….

  • maroonedsia

    English is my second language and I'm confused here!
    I believe Steve thinks the guy wanted to make the phrase "pork coupon", but actually he wanted to create the word "porcupine".
    Am I missing something?