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  • Tested

    Here's our review of Windows 10, including a rundown of new features! What do you think about Microsoft's latest OS?

  • Nthnkirsch2

    Windows 10 is now available for download. Check for updates in Windows Updates and it should show up just fine. Happy wishes to all! :)

  • Owen Evans

    Can anyone tell me what the little LED Pixel display device is in the background (The one that animates the bird) I'd love to get one of those to animate for myself. Thanks!

  • Siege

    Microsoft really screwed up with the Xbox stuff. Sony got it right even though you have to have a vita, you can play games from your ps4 from across the world on your vita. They should consider trying to implement that tech in W10, it would be bonkers and I'd surely give props, I can't give any for what they have now since they don't allow you to watch TV and play games, plus you have to be on the same network to play your xbox, it's way to limited and controlling on their part. I don't even have xbox so all these xbox features are useless to me, hopefully I can just delete. I don't like having useless things out in the open on my machine.

  • thejerrymobile

    "Windows 10: What Windows 8 should have been."

    I'm having flashbacks to…
    "Windows 7: What Windows Vista should have been."

  • Bogdan Zurac

    I'm really surprised on how much progress Microsoft made with this new release. I might try it out. A few things are still not updated, such as the old Control Panel or the ribbons menu in the Explorer… But overall I have to agree, it looks really enticing.

  • IsusaWH

    I understand the will to upgrade to 10 from 8, but as a non tablet/touch user and a gamer, I still can't seem to find a reason to upgrade from 7.