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  • O'Neil Farquharson

    TIM newman- USAIN BOLT STUMBLES and recover and still win lol dwl , you THINK GATLIN COULD OF RECOVER AND WIN ????????????????????

  • Chromedawgg

    i thought it was over when that CRAZY stumble happened,,, those nitros kicked in and he came back,,, phhhheeeeewwwww

  • tim newman

    oh wow. he almost fell flat on his face. i dont see a sub 9.8 from him now..unless the wind picks up and swings around. gatlin's got to be favourite. his pre event interviews arent stacking up now. all his partying seems to be catching up with him. he said he was running well, and ready. maybe for a silver medal. itll be a shame for him to lose- he couldve been seen as the greatest ever..but that might stay with michael johnson.

  • Jazzy Vocalist

    Gatlin is on drugs, always is. Tyson is a faster, better athlete than Gatlin. Though Gatlin seems to be in best form, he can win, he deserves it. The poor bastard has not won anything since, suffered shame in 2012 n 2013, loosing go bolt like 5 timea. His pb is the slowest of the top runners( asafa, Blake, usain n gaye). I feel sorry for Gatlin, I pity him. Not bolt n asafa, those r accomplished champions. this is gatlin's only timeline for a shine. If he fails this time, he best give up running.