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  • john lesley

    I'm not a fan of either team, but Baylor got some MAJOR help from the refs in this game, especially in the fourth quarter.

  • Joel Hicks

    I've now watched halfway through Baylor and Oklahoma States Seasons this summer!! I can't wait for 66 days to go by!! Who would've thought that the rivalry between TCU and Baylor would come to overshadow that of OU and Texas!

  • vince Mccarthy

    There needs to be a 8 team playoff because both these team could beat Oregon State, Ohio State, no doubt a 8 teams would tell us who the real national champion

  • Edward Richardson

    If I was TCU I would've let Baylor score the TD to make it 65-58 with about :30 left & 1 timeout remaining. Who knows what could've happened? BUT Baylor nor TCU made it to the playoff however Horned Frogs destroyed a fraudulent Rebels group (52-3) in the Peach Bowl while the Bears choked to the Spartans (42-41) in the Cotton Bowl

  • Craig Arrington

    With 27 seconds left in the game, Baylor is 2nd & 10 and runs the ball for a 6 yard gain and then calls a timeout. The play used around 6 seconds of clock time, but the clock never started. So on 3rd and 4, there are still 27 seconds left and Baylor gets the first down and calls timeout with 19 seconds left. But then the video recording skips ahead to 4 seconds left where it is 2nd & 8 and Baylor has taken its last timeout to kick a field goal. Did this clock error get addressed by the official or even the announcers during the part of the video that is missing? Also, did Baylor intentionally let the clock run down to 4 seconds? Because if not, Baylor would not have had time for the field goal without the extra 6 seconds of clock time. Not a fan of either team, but just surprised such a major mistake would've gone unnoticed.