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  • Winston Haywood

    The "Thomas Davis" special LMAOOOOOI'm so freakin pumped rn.. I was in a group chat with my friends from school and all my friends was telling me "It's over bruh" and one of my friends who is a saints fun was like "EXPOSED"…. And I kept texting the same thing, "It ain' t over till the clock hits zero"… Nigga went silent after Cam's final drive (: I also find it funny how when I went to school everybody wanted to be a Panther fan, wearing jerseys and shit…. Where ya ass was at when we was 2-14????This was Cam best game hands down,better thanthe MNF game against NE and his first playoff win. He showed maturity and responded when everyone thought we was done. His play in the 4th quarter wasso freaking beautiful, I almost cried frfr….also shout out to my boy Kawann Short, Norman, and LUUUUUUKE. Short was all up in Wilson's ass with 2 sacks and Norman was quiet but that's a good thing since they wasn't throwing in his direction. And it was so good seeing Luke out there. My favorite play was when Luke yanked one of the linemen in the right position (I think it was either Dwan Edwards or Wes Horton) and then the play resulted in like a 1 or 2 yard gain… that is what separates good linebackers from GREAT ones.Also shout out to muthafuckin GREG OLSEN,, Idgaf what anybody says he is the 2nd best TE right after Gronk. When he mossed the shit outta Sherman I knew we was gonna win the game. Also shout out to Johnathan Stewart, dude finally came to play… I still think we should draft a new RB in like the 2nd round, but he showed he still got a lot left,, Great win and lets focus on smacking the always overrated Eagles

  • Edward Williams

    I just don't understand why Tre isn't getting the start over Harper, he was playing really well towards the end of last year. I mean I get that he's a veteran presence but he can do that from the bench.

  • Excuse Keenan

    Lmaoo lost my voice over that game. Did anyone notice the clock was still running when Tedd Ginn stepped out inside 2 min? I was heated asf.

  • DonDiBiase

    Great win for us pat !!! Keeppounding! I actually shed a tear lmao. And what you think about Roman Harper ? He was a liability. Do u think Tre can replace him ?

  • cigarillorillo99

    Packers fan here, but wanted to say hell of a job at seattle today you guys deserved that win and hopefully you guys finally get the respect that you all have earned. Can't wait to play you guys in a couple weeks and good luck the rest of the season!

  • SenorMateo

    Great win. I jumped out of my seat when Olsen caught that winning touchdown.

    Gotta hand it to Seattle though. They're the first team to realize that throwing it J-No's way is a bad idea. I don't think Russell tried him even once.

  • Hodiyah Yisrael

    All day. Panther nation baby. Wish I was back in the QC tonight. I said and I'm saying it again….Cam is not only a different quarterback this year but he's a different person. The maturity is all over that man, from the Press conferences to the field. A sound poised leader….Doing it. QC stand up. These Atlanta fans hatin down here…I'm the only Panther fan in da Bar…they Mad as shit at ya boy. …..Panthers baby….Wit Cam playing this way and the defense continuing to strike all cylinders the way they are……Yes, we have a shot at the super bowl…Yeah I said it… T.p signing off.