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  • Aritosthenes

    Goodbye and GoodNight to a Beautiful, Talented actress .!! :'-)

    …..you Will be missed – and already ARE missed..

    May you Rest In Peace ~

  • Etnalleb

    Maureen O'Hara ; The most beautiful red-head to ever grace God's green earth. She was absolutely stunning in beauty , character , and grace. We will never see the likes of her again, she was one of a kind and thank God for film and the technology to preserve it so we can always watch you whenever we choose to see beauty ,brains and integrity. God Rest your soul great lady.

  • Rolf Dusseldorf

    Please note men, Mr. Daly shows us how to take a lady's hand. Please note woman, real men don't want a firm handshake from a woman.

  • Dalton Belflower

    Maureen O'Hara is one of the most naturally beautiful women ever in movies. She is just absolutely stunning. She's my father's favorite movie beauty!

  • edfou5

    You'd have to walk a long, long way in this world to find a more stunningly gorgeous woman. or a better or more intense actress. Those eyes and that smile… simply devastating.

    I don't expect younger folks to be aware of the magnitude of today's news, but this marks the passing of a huge, huge star.

  • Daydreams of a Vintage Girl

    Mr. Daly looked like he needed to have a bucket of cold water dumped in his lap after she whispered in his ear ;-) …hee hee, cute… gotta love this old stuff.

  • ruth zaballero

    Maureen O Hara, has been and will be my favorite movie star actress and singer from Ireland, i simply love her, and as you can see from this youtube clip from whatès My Line, she is so very beautiful and gorgeous such a wonderful woman and has a great personality and such elegance and worldly charm and sophistication… She is the best there is and her movies too are fantastic, see her in The Parent Trap. The Black Swan and many more of her television and movie projects, she will always be so lovely and so talented, and her singing is amazing as well…. thank you for this episode of Maureen O Hara on WML… was so enjoyable and so lovely to see her here…. thanks so very much, a very loyal and faithful fan of Maureen O Hara s for always, Ruthie Zaballero