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  • woodglen57

    Now I know that this video is old and Marcus Mariota is in the NFL now but hears my list.

    1. Marcus Mariota (good accuracy but sometimes misses easy throws, outstanding decision making, knows how to buy time, best scrambler on this list in my opinion considering that Braxton Miller has a really good offensive line,very mature, and above average throw power)
    2. JT Barret (Most accurate quarter back on this list, he is also extremely mature, he knows how to end drives on touchdowns, and can scramble but scrambles a bit to often)
    3. Cardale Jones (good accuracy but horrible at throw deep accuracy, great throw power, extremely big body, really hard to tackle, decent speed, not very mature)
    4. Braxton Miller (decent accuracy, good throw power, really good scrambler, often didn't end drives in touchdowns, extremly big play ability, risk taker, outstanding vision for a quarterback)

  • Justin Doll

    Wow these guys are all dumb asses he said OSU even if we do make it in the playoffs omg SERIOUSLY!!!! We got everybody coming back beat Alabama and whooped Oregon easily with third string qb and our defense is gonna be even better stupid idiots OSU will be back in playoff for sure at least and we got urban Meyer smdh on these broadcasters they should not be on TV there idiots…go bucks!! But go ahead we love being doubted its what helps us ..

  • Rodney Schunk

    JT Barrett is better but I may give the job to Cardale Jones cause I'm worried Barrett's fractured ankle injury will carry into next season.

  • 幽☆遊☆白書

    I'll choose JT because he runs the offense more efficiently, he doesn't got the strongest arm between Braxton & Cardale but he's the most accurate quarterback on the roster. Plus he's not as fast Braxton but he's a brusier & a far better runner.

  • DuckUpNWin

    They are taking like Mariota runs every play? Idiots. He only runs when he needs to. He makes plays when he doesnt have another option down field. He is the best QB of this season and possibly the last 4 years.