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  • T-Ray Jones

    I understand that the Undertaker is a legend,but I wish he'd just retired for his career and his own sake

  • BastiFailed

    Reigns is not over, make no Sense to push him like Cena with no reason. Its not important that he's good looking. Bray got more pops like him this ppv

  • BastiFailed

    It's a great story dont know why you dont see that. Lesnar take his streak and put him in hospital. Now hes back and take whats important to Lesnar the title.

    Dont know why you dont see that, the idea with the druids are dumb. They pulled that good of, Lesnar thought he finished Undertaker in his Face you saw his shock.

    But its like every time someone loves it someone dont :)

    Owens burned by Cena thats sad, i hope now its Cesaro time

    greetings from Germany

  • tubaSHANK

    What is one thing that can top a Beast or a Giant? How about a God! I hear they are thinking of signing 6ft9 415lb Thor! (Hapthor Bjornsson)