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  • KHayes666

    What a massacre. The Pats ended up going 9-7 that year but looked totally humiliated by the Falcons. That's why Atlanta was going to the Superbowl and Pete Carroll's crew wasn't.

  • Aaron McCall

    Outside of William Andrews, Bob Christian was the best FB I ever saw suit up for Atlanta. Hate we lost him late in the season in 98.

  • MarsRacingNetwork

    Do you have any lions,falcons or oilers games from 1989-1996?Specifically the 1990 falcons vs oilers game from 1990?Thanks dude

  • Tim Bliss

    Thank you for posting this game!! I didn't get to see this game but I remember seeing the score on the game I was watching keep going up, up, up in the favor of the Falcons and thinking that it was a mistake. It wasn't until I actually saw the highlights that I realized it was truth. Go Falcons!!

  • Aaron Martinez

    This was when Pete lost control of the team and things fell apart for New England, but things quickly changed in 3 years after 1998, So much talent in that Pats team.

  • Patrick Krier

    Do you have the Falcons/Oilers game from 1990? In which coach Glanville stick it to his former team. That was also the debut of the Falcons new black helmet and black unis.

  • DIMP11

    This may be the most impressive regular season win ever for the Falcons. For a domed team to go on the road, in fairly cold weather, to win on natural grass back when the artificial turf was much less grasslike compared to nowadays against a winning team so convincingly.

  • Tim Thornton

    do you have all the 1998 season games? I would love to get a copy. The only one I have from the season is the game in minnesota

  • paranormalfrank

    I would love to see the pats vs bills game….when then bills walk off for the extra point at the end of the game, the pass interference call on the bills I think it was the 98 season.