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  • abhi reddy

    Can we please get better protection and a defense in Atlanta?

    It's a miracle Matt Ryan hasn't had a premature injury behind the most incompetent lines.

    Also this defense is so pathetic, that a back-up QB named Bridgewater put up 41 on us.

    Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are the main reason we aren't as bad as the Jaguars. It's amazing how idiotic our own fanbase is. All they talk about is a 1-4 playoff record in four seasons and blame that heavily on Matt Ryan, when it's really Mike's Smith's passive nature as the reason since he sucks in big games.

    Peyton Manning started off 0-3 in the playoffs and played much worse than Ryan and he had Pierre Garcon and Reggie Wayne as his weapons. If Colts fans were like some of the idiot fans in Atlanta, they would say the same thing. So by that logic, Manning should be benched too.

    Here is a little analysis of the playoff losses.

    2008-09 season – L to Arizona – First of all, it's a rookie QB's first playoff game, so the pressure is intense at that stage. Also he's one of 4 rookie QBs to take his team to the playoffs.

    2010- L to Green Bay- Green Bay put up 48 puts on us, how is that Ryan's fault? Our defense played terrible and I don't think Ryan could have done much to make come back cause our defense sucked.

    2011- L to Giants- If it's anyone who lost the game, it's the dumb offensive Coordinator Mike Mularkey, who didn't wanna use his WR's and just forced the run. I wouldn't take him as a waterboy in Atlanta. Roddy White even said after the game, he's too conservative, which is why Mularkey was about to be fired.

    2012- Loss to 49ers – Team loss, yes Ryan made a key fumble, but defense let them back in because they couldn't play 60 minutes. Also got robbed at the end when Novarro Bowman held Roddy White and he even admitted that as well.

  • Robert Villasana

    I feel sorry for Matt Ryan man. His defense this year was one of the worst i've seen and im a raider fan. I think if they fix that D they can go back to 10-6 (:

  • T-Bone Hubbard

    I've been a Falcons Fan since my High School Days 97/98 during the days of Jamal Anderson and GOLDBERG and I'm from Louisiana

    People ask me why the Falcons and not the Saints?

    I tell'em this: IT'S WHAT I DO and I've been Loyal to that team even during the Michael Vick Years, but I do like Matt Ryan as well as Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzales, but I felt bad for Gonzales

    Thank GOD for Dan Quinn and I also wanna thank Arthur Blank for getting RID of Mike Smith and yes, even a Saints Fan and a Colts Fan I talked to told me this:

    We got the talent, we just needed a new coach b/c Mike Smith was too conservative, especially in the playoffs

    and when Cam Newton came to Atlanta and kick our butts, that was the last straw for Mike Smith and he was gone the next day

    and yes, we should've beaten the 49ers, but we made them look good, but Colin Kaepernick wasn't the right guy for the Super Bowl

    Not only that, but we can beat the Seahawks with Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman

  • Coach Feen

    Mike Smith will not be the best for long! What would our team be like with him this season? THANK YOU Arthur Blank for firing him!

  • Hi I'm Paul

    Every time I see a highlight from the London game against Detroit I get sick to my stomach…We should've won that game.

  • Rhymbo

    I hope the defence would get better by the time of pre-season, our offence is fine, but the defence is whats holding us down, last year we were third in the nfc south division, atleast we werent bad as Tampa Bay which were in 4th place right under us…