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  • di foo!!

    Overall I'd say your predictions placed on Sep 1st are really solid. The NFL is notoriously unpredictable, and that's what makes it great. I'll grade your predictions just for kicks:
    AFC North: A [95] (pretty much nailed it)
    AFC South: A- [91] (Pegged Colts/Texans. Jags and Titans underachieved)
    AFC East: C+ [78] (Accurately Predicted Patriots, but missed on the rest)
    AFC West: B+ [88] (Broncos/Chargers spot on, Chiefs/Raiders missed, but not by much)
    NFC North A [95] (Almost spot on)
    NFC South B [85] (No one could have predicted the NFC South this year. A joke DIV)
    NFC East A- [91] (You did well. I'll give you an (A-) because EVERYONE thought DAL would Suck this year.)
    NFC West C+ [78] (Whiffed on 49'ers, Pretty accurate with SEA, CARDS surprised, hit Rams).

    Overall: B+ [87.6]

    Disclosure; Been a Patriots fan since 1994, when I was 12. Go Pats!

  • Tswag 2000

    A couple things

    3. Texans have the offense and defense to win at least 9
    5. Couldn't agree more I hate the Patriots
    6. Agreed
    8. Ikr
    9. Disagree, I think the Panthers are over rated and they have no passing game
    11. Seahawks will win 12 but the 49ers have a great team and will probably win the title
    12 not this year
    13 from STL couldn't agree more

  • Patricio Cristobal

    1. No Way The Dolphins Do Worse Than Last Season (11-5)
    2. No Way There Is 3 Playoff Teams From The AFC North
    3. No Way The Texans Are A 7 Win Team (More Like 4)
    4. Sorry To Say This But The Jaguars Suck They Are Not A 6-10 Team (More Like 3-13) But (5-11) If Blake Bortles Plays
    5. The Patriots Are Not Winning 13 Games (10-6 or 11-5) (Tom Brady Is Getting Too Old)
    6. No Way The Jets Do Better Than The Dolphins (Look At The Rosters And Schedules Again)
    7. The Chiefs Are Still Better Than The Chargers
    8. The Bears Are Better Than The Lions
    9. The Panthers Will Be A Winning Team, Not .500
    10. Giants Are Not A 6-10 Team (More Like 8-8)
    11. No Way The Seahawks Win 12 Games And Are A Wild Card Team (They Would Win The Division
    12. The Cardinals Are Better Than 8-8 (More Like 10-6)
    13. The Rams Don't Have A QB, They Won't Be Able To Win 6 Games (More Like 3 or 4)
    14. The Patriots Are Not Making It To The Super Bowl (Tom Brady Is Getting Too Old, Broncos, Colts, and Even The Dolphins Have Better More Talented Rosters)

    I'm Sorry If All of That Offends You, But Most If Not All Will Be True. These Are Some of The Worst Predictions I've Seen.