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  • Austin Huffine

    Lol the only time that the colts even lost in their division is when they didn't have a qb titans 12-4 go to a doctor for your own sake cause something has to be wrong with you.

  • Tom Saunders

    2016 NFL Playoffs Prediction (update)


    1st Seed and H.A.: Green Bay Packers
    2nd Seed: Seattle Seahawks
    3rd Seed: Dallas Cowboys
    4th Seed: Atlanta Falcons
    5th Seed: Arizona Cardinals
    6th Seed: New Orleans Saints


    1st Seed H.A.: Indianapolis Colts
    2nd Seed: Baltimore Ravens
    3rd Seed: New England Patriots (because Brady will be suspended 4 games and still lose some games even if he plays)
    4th Seed: Denver Broncos
    5th Seed: Pittsburgh Steelers
    6th Seed: Miami Dolphins


    Yeah the Vikings 2-14? Lmao they went 7-9 last year and now they have AP back and A better Defense than last year plus they add mike Wallace to the WR core they will go 11-5 or 10-6 and make the wild card the lions and bears will suck the Packers will be good but not 15-1 12-4 at best they have a shit Defense that always gets hurts and you have to have a Defense to win in the NFL you cant just out score teams

  • I Reynolds

    why the heck does everyone think the pats are 12-4 come on
    sp they just go undefeated after Brady comes back
    plus 12-4 TITANS!

  • The Saint

    Man just about every one of your predictions has totally suck ass.
    Saints end at 3-13 while Carolina goes finishes @ 14-2?
    You can hang it up because your stupid ass don't know a damn thing about football.
    I bet you can't even elaborate on the reason for each team's finishing record.
    GTFON somewhere….smh!!!!!

  • Viking Vic

    Dolphins 11-5?
    Jets 10-6?
    Bills 9-7?
    Chargers 10-6?
    Raiders 9-7?
    Titans 12-4?
    Jaguars 9-7?
    Redskins 9-7?
    Lions 13-3?
    Bears 11-5?
    Panthers 14-2?
    Falcons 6-10?
    Saints 3-13?
    Rams 13-3?
    49ers 4-12?
    Titans beat Pats 37-19????
    Denver beats colts 54 to 46????
    Seahawks beat Pack 45 to 44????
    Panthers beat Lions 58 to 35????
    Denver loses to Titans 13 to 27????
    Seahawks 38 lose to Panthers 47????
    Panthers and Titans in Superbowl???????????????

    You obviously have never watched an NFL game in your entire life. You wasted a lot of time making this video and I wasted 5 mins watching it.

  • GetRektBrah

    How the hell do the bengals and Texans go 6-10 while Tennessee goes 12-4?! You're an idiot. this video is totally not biased. smh