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  • Peter Gonzalez

    Thank you for sharing this! Is there any way you can share the full version not shortened? I appreciate all the time you put into this!!

  • glanemann

    That last TD was deserved. If Oregon didn't want that shit in the endzone, they needed to stop Zeke from killin it. They did not.

  • winston c

    This upload is never gonna get old…. Enjoying life these days, sitting on my couch eating ice cream watching re runs of this glorious victory. What are all the Jealous Harbaugh children up north up 2; wonder how this sits with them.. :) …Or…. wherever did Mark May disappear to these days? has he been abducted?? And while Im at it, fuck you too Wisconsin. I havent forgot about you pricks dancing on our Block "0" or your fans throwing batteries at our players at camp randall in 03'. Nothing says Fuck you better than a scoreboard that says 59-0 and knowing your team was mentally gangbanged. There was not a single Wisconsin fan in Lucas Oil Stadium by halftime. And a big FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK YOUUU to the rest of you Buckeye haters…..Enjoy, this one's for you!

  • cody keith

    It's so funny after re-watching this, and knowing the outcome, I forgot how much the commentator's talked up Oregon. Then the Buckeye's smashed. Not a huge Ohio State fan, but I have always watched the Buckeye's play, because I have family there. I'm actually a UGA guy, watching Ohio State destroy Alabama was nice as well. I just wish UGA could do it more often than every 8 years( or more).

  • Daniel Mogan

    Oregon had all kinds of chances and blew it. Ohio State gave them the ball what, 4 times? Oregon scored one TD in those which isn't good as far as score on TO ratio. Couldn't stop Ohio State on 3rd and 4th down. Obviously could stop the running game. Then Oregon messing up by dropping passes and the Ohio State from 4 had push all game. You can say Ohio State held a lot as I did see a few but every game I see holding on all teams. All the ingredients to make this a piece of cake for Ohio State and Oregon definitely showed their weaknesses that proved they are not the better team, at least in this game.

  • Giosue Mancini

    remember this…Jones nor Barrett could beat out Miller when he was healthy. they just filled in when one guy went down and did their jobs like they were supposed to. so why the fuck you people think Miller is gonna be benched all of a sudden once he is healthy? with the new weapons (that Miller has never gotten the chance to play with btw) OSU would be undefeated National Champs right now. Miller is not on the field because of his injury, not because he got beat out for his spot. how would yall feel if you were a great worker for a company but got hurt AT WORK and they just fired you because the 2nd and 3rd best workers kept doing their jobs?

  • xxl96

    Jones 1st start OSU wins theBig Ten championship, 2nd start beats #1Alabama and wins the Sugar Bowl and his 3rd he beats the Heisman Trophy winner and wins the national tile.Of course, it is a huge help when your defense is a wall that can stop top ranked teams on the one yard line and you have a back that can score 4 TD's. The Ohio State Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is mind blowing!!!

  • thumbsaloft

    The old system wasn't flawed, you just needed help to win!

    They had to change the entire football system to give these teams a chance to win, now because you have, all of a sudden the old system was flawed, yeah right!

    Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame!