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  • Hunter Williams

    Just sayin, when FSU walked off without shaking Oregon's hand they got killed by the media. When Alabama does it here, nobody says a word. Talk about SEC bias and Florida State hate.

  • supersport

    SEC and the south still dominates Ohio State over the last 2 decades. It will take more than this to over come the embarrassments of the last 2 decades.2-10 in bowl game losses to the SEC. Loss 4 straight bowl games to the state of South Carolina. 3 straight losses to FSU. Historically The Ohio State is an under achiever with all it's resources.Ohio State can add to another record however. Lose football and basketball national championship games to a SEC team in a years time. That would make the Bucks 2-0.

  • Blackhawk89

    Cardale is a legend… In his first three games starting he beat #14 Wisconsin, #1 alabama, and #2 Oregon


    mediocrity at QB is what killed bama and their lack of pass coverage awareness…..plain and simple had their been better play from the QB and better pass defense i believe that ohio state would have stood no chance…..bama did not deserve to be in the playoffs…they had too much flaws in their game that on a good day, a great team like ohio state can exploit….this is my first time watching this match up and i must say that bama got their asses handed to them…..it was an old fashion ass whooping…..zeke ran all over that pretty much over hyped run defense and a 3rd string QB threw all over a pretty bad pass defense…i still believe that bama will have defensive lapses this season granted that their pass defense hasnt been great since 2012 when jeremy pruitt was their DB coach…saban knows it, college football pundits know it as well…i really do not think bama will have the man power to stop nick chubb…and if either brice ramsey or greyson lambert get their shit together and play to their potential…bama has no chance in athen this year….if our freshman WRs and vet WRs and TE's play up to expectations and remain healthy, the tide again stand no chance….but for that to happen goddamit richt must not lose us a game we arent supposed to lose and our defense cannot break down like last year….either or i still think that bama could have won this game and i think they'll be pretty good this season…however lane kiffin needs to open up his damn play book and stop riding the hottest player….like omg bama was so one dimensional vs osu that it wasnt hard for them to key in on coop and pretty much shut him down…he needs to spread the ball around or the moment bama plays a good pass defense bama will have no aerial attack .

  • rolled_tide 410

    Watching this game over and over has been so much fun. Blackledge and Nessler just make me laugh. I guess they have to say whats on the script but it was so biased that they sounded ridiculous. Alabama is a good team but i have to say that i was as impressed with them as I was with Oregon, not very. Clearly TOSU Buckeyes were not playing at their best but dominated bama. Cardale was truly amazing to watch and see this team overcome everything to win. They were THE STORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL in 2014!

  • StFidjnr

    this is the (unofficially) the final chapter between meyer and saban 1 game to decide who plays in the college football playoff national championship

  • anthony qualls

    This is for DUKE Moose
    Probes by both USC and the NCAA found that football Reggie Bush and basketball star O. J. Mayo had effectively forfeited their amateur status (in Mayo's case, before he ever played a game for USC) by accepting gifts from agents. In addition, the women's tennis team was cited in the report for unauthorized phone calls made by a former player.
    As a result of sanctions issued by both USC and the NCAA,
    Reggie Bush's gave up his 2005Heisman
    The football team vacated final two wins of its 2004 season
    Stripped of the 2004 national championship by the BCS and Football Writers Association of America
    ALLof its wins in 2005season
    Banned from bowl games in both 2010 and 2011
    Docked 30 scholarships over three years.
    The basketball team gave up all of its wins from the 2007-08 season and sat out postseason play in 2010.
    Elimination of its wins between November 2006 and May 2009
    *Bush is the first person in the Heisman Trophy's history to give his trophy back to the Heisman Trust,
    *2005 season is the only one in the award's history for which there is no winner.