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  • IndianaJoel93

    Don't get me wrong. Tazbot is a cool design and very effective, but this is the Series 4 version of Razer, the version from Extreme 1 and onwards was a much better machine, it had a much lower ground clearance at the front, was more agile, heavier, and more reliable.

  • Alex Copley Kyne

    If it was hipnodisk in the ring the stroy would have been much diffrent all that would be left would be a scrap a metal reading "taz" and a obliterated hunk of what used to be a robot with the disk comming in for one more attack

  • Amelia Bee

    God, I'm such a huge fan of Ian Lewis. He's probably the only guy in this series who has a sense of aestheticsas well as engineering and effective weaponry. But nonetheless, I think Donald may have hit upon the one design capable of beating him!

  • archlorddestin

    Got to give it to Tazbot, that's a well designed machine.

    As a Razer fan for life, I have to say I'm dissapointed though and have to wonder if different rule sets played a part in it.

  • TheUnknownMartin

    If this were to happen in a later year, I still think Tazbot would've won. I love both bots. Their design, weapon, drivers. However, even if Razer's wedge had gotten lower, Tazbot's anti-wedges were likely to, well, deflect Razer's wedge. Even if Razer got under, Tazbot has its 360 degrees moving arm that can push Razer aside. (Also, I think Taz's wedge might be able to get under Razer).

  • Enterthedarkness23

    Ok now I know why Team Razor went with Warhead instead of well Razor to compete. Tazbot did a great job fighting.