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  • sheridanbucket

    I'd rather have an American for president than a Politician. We keep holding out hope for these lip-service politicians, and nothing ever happens that's worth a damn.

    Trump certainly seems to scare the politicians… that, alone, makes him worth listening to.

  • The Lied Piper of Kremlin

    VOTE TRUMP & Fascist Putinism, Islamic Extremism & Cheating China Will be Kicked in the Rump

  • william hubschwerlin

    Just what we need as president! A top 2% president! I wonder what he pays his workers? Minimum wage or $15.00 an hour?

  • Tony K

    I'll take trump any day over the losers right now running. He is successful in terms of numbers($) at least. What have the other politicians accomplished?

  • Rick Slade

    1. Money
    2. Power
    3. Hot women

    Donald trump has all 3 while you people are going home to your fat ugly wives and working your meaningless jobs for garbage money. Do you honestly think that a billionaire with the money the power and the women he has cares what a bunch of broke jealous liberal losers think about him

  • Angel Irbin

    This guy is trying to bust a reagan lol not gonna happen everyone is afraid of the rich man in power democrats and the minority votes will prevent him from office he should forget about his campaign

  • Alex Grimal

    I have mixed feeling about him . don't know if he is a totally moron or a totally asshole. and live from New York it's Saturday night live!!.. oops, its really him.

  • 3101010

    Let the funny begin. :) Gods going to help Donald bring back Jobs….lmao If God was going to bring back Jobs he wouldnt have waited for Donald Trump to run for Pres.